CLASSIC CLIP: Mike Bauer Sings 'Silent Night' On GUIDING LIGHT

For years, it wouldn't be Christmas in Springfield unless Mike Bauer sang. Watch a clip of Mike (Don Stewart) singing for family and friends in 1980 below. And tell us which Christmas song and memories on soaps have been your favorites over the years.


  1. Mike Bauer singing "Joy to the World" in a suit not that God AWFUL sweater!

    1. would have loved to have seen Don do a album

  2. Silent Night was the song the Bauer's always sang together.

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  4. I remember with love especially Stefan Schnabel (1912-1999, ex-Dr. Steven Jackson, 1965-1981, the original chief of surgery at Cedars Hospital, Rick Bauer's maternal grandfather (father to the late Leslie Jackson Bauer Norris Bauer), & sometimes affectionate crush on Bert Bauer (Charita Bauer, 1922-1985)).

    Thanks For These Great GL Holiday Clips, Roger!

    Brian :-)

  5. While I am ever-older, I am NOT old enough to personally remember this one! But for SFT fans, it's a treat!

  6. The next-to-last episode of SFT, which aired Christmas 1986. I was there at the taping and still get misty eyed. Merry Christmas, Soap Fans!