Tuesday, December 11, 2012

NEWS ROUNDUP: Coronation Street Getting Wider; Jeff Branson; Christian LeBlanc; MOGULS

Jeff Branson on leaving THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS: "It was a contract that was only supposed to last six months and it came to an end"
"They didn’t show any interest in wanting me to stay. We could have talked about that, but I can’t control that. I’m just currently doing both CSI and CSI: NEW YORK right now…I’m staying in the CBS family."

Christian LeBlanc on Y&R's bullying storyline
"There’s a history with the both of us (Michael and Lauren), so it’s very interesting to have these two parents deal with that specific problem. You haven’t seen a lot of the stuff yet because we’re a month ahead, but there’s some really fantastic stuff that Max is doing. This is a pretty big story."

EDITOR'S NOTE: Watch our interview with Y&R's Beth Maitland (Traci) where she talks about one of Lauren's bullying moments.

Bravo Developing Media 'Moguls' Drama
Love and Other Drugs screenwriter Charles Randolph and playwright Sharyn Rothstein are developing MOGULS, a drama about a media mogul and his family that is described as being similar in tone to Aaron Sorkin's THE WEST WING.

Nick Hornby helps kids pen internet soap opera
A new internet soap opera has been written by schoolchildren attending Oscar-nominated screenwriter Nick Hornby’s Hackney-based creative writing mentoring centre.

The 12-15 year olds created DEAD ENDS, an four-part mini-series set on Hoxton Street, which in reality is home to Ministry of Stories, the donation-funded center that Hornby co-established in 2010. Hornby and his colleagues believe that working with young people on their storytelling skills benefits the area.

Tonya Pinkins Says “Not Surprised” Brandon Woodard Murdered: “Enemies List is Huge”
AS THE WORLD TURNS and ALL MY CHILDREN alum Pinkins, Tony award winner for Broadway’s “Jelly’s Last Jam,” knows all about the mother of murdered 31 year old Brandon Woodard. “We’ve been waiting for something like this,” Pinkins said this morning about Woodard. Pinkins has been in court and legal battles with Woodard’s mother Sandra McBeth Reynolds for years over what Pinkins calls McBeth Reynolds’ “family’s crimes.”

When called this morning Pinkins was unaware of the headline making story: that Woodard had been shot dead yesterday in midtown Manhattan in what looks to be an execution style murder. But she wasn’t surprised.

Said Pinkins: “I’ve been trying to get the FBI, the US attorney to do something about this family for five years.” She says McBeth, now McBeth Reynolds– currently married to Pinkins’s ex and the father of her 16 year old daughter– has been a “big Black Collar criminal. She’s connected to judges, in my experience with her.” Pinkins says that in the past Woodard has allegedly forged all kinds of documents, and that “she’s been caught at it in court, and nothing’s happened to her.”

EASTENDERS dropped Nasty Nick 'Gay' Storyline
John Altman who played ‘Nasty’ Nick Cotton and on-screen mother Dot Branning, actress June Brown, have revealed EastEnders wanted to turn the bad-boy of Albert Square gay.

The pair told The Guardian newspaper Nick was to have his ‘gay fling’ with resident barman – and geek – George ‘Lofty’ Holloway who was also straight in originating storylines.

Songs take starring role in TV drama NASHVILLE
The actors say they pay as much attention to the music as their lines. T Bone Burnett, husband of show creator Callie Khouri, oversees the music on the show and has signed up veteran producers and songwriting friends like White and Civil Wars partner Joy Williams and Elvis Costello, to name just a few, and set up a live band of trusted players. Each song is shaped in the studio before it's taped for television.

"They're like little plants and they're all very well taken care of by the right people," actress Clare Bowen said.

CORRIE widening Coronation Street
Britain’s best-loved street is set to double in size – as CORRIE moves to its new premises. For the first time in the show’s 52-year history the famous cobbles will be wide enough to let two cars pass each other in front of the Rovers. Up until now the main Coronation Street has only been wide enough to let one car through, even though millions of viewers may never have realised.

The tiny houses will also become full size. At the moment they are one-third scale replicas that the cast and crew have to squeeze into.

But the whole of fictional Weatherfield is set to move from Granada’s famous studios in Manchester to Salford’s swanky new Media City.

Corrie fave Antony Cotton — who plays Sean Tully in the ITV1 soap — said: “The street will be made wider so two cars can pass each other! Woohoo! There will probably be loads of scenes written in with two cars passing each other.

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