Tuesday, November 6, 2012

ELECTION DAY: Office Cat Predicts Winner, Staff Cheers Results as Lifetime Television Sponsors Official We Love Soaps Election Night Party

Lifetime Television has generously sent Election Night Party Kits to hundreds of voters across the nation, and We Love Soaps was chosen as a lucky recipient.

Watch this space all evening for fun photos as we celebrate Democracy, and America, and revel in the conclusion of that two billion dollar, real-life soap opera that has been the 2012 election.

Lifetime is not just encouraging voter participation, and sending out party supplies, but they are also spurring a necessary national conversation about the under-representation of women in office.

This is going to be a festive, whimsical and educational event! And you can join us via the Comments section below.
What are you doing this election night? Tell us! Were you able to vote for any women candidates? How long did it take you to vote (We Love Soaps waited over two hours!)?

When our big box from Lifetime arrived in the mail, marked, "fragile," the fun began. It was filled to brim; a red, white and blue explosion of patriotic swag:

- Four cocktail glasses
- One cocktail shaker (three pieces)
- Artichoke Spinach Dip Mix
- Butter Microwave Popcorn
- Your Life. Your Time. Your Vote. Coasters (four)
- Flyer for The 2012 Project, an initiative supporting women running for office
- Blue and red confetti
- One bottle of red nail polish, one bottle of blue
- Strawberry daiquiri mix!

- Red & blue colored pencil to record the evening's results
- An electoral map to color in with our own predictions and then, the results
- A fascinating and attractive discussion guide.

The office cats were very excited about the party kit. They love politics almost as much as they love daytime soaps. Taking turns in the box, playing with the confetti, they conferred and then offered their prediction.

The Tabby, Mary Jane, spoke on behalf her and her brother, Fatty. After almost an hour of carefully considering the blue and red confetti pieces, there was a clear conclusion.

Barack Obama will win tonight's election. Fatty and Mary Jane have never been wrong.


  1. It took me 2 hours 35 minutes today to vote in NYC. I was expecting it to be faster but stuck it out and proudly cast my vote. For the most part people were patient and in good spirits (except when that one person tried to cut the line). :)

    I'm excited for the results in a lot of races. I'm also excited to reach the end of this campaign's political ads. I don't watch a lot of live TV these days, but when watching my daytime soaps, or Nashville, or NFL football, I cringe when the ads come on. It seems like there were more than ever, and probably so since there was more money spent than ever.

  2. I voted early without much a wait. It could be a long night.