Monday, November 26, 2012

CBS Statement On Larry Hagman

CBS released a statement on the passing of Larry Hagman, who starred on the network in DALLAS, THE EDGE OF NIGHT, SEARCH FOR TOMORROW and numerous other television shows, movies and specials:

"Television has seen many stars, but there will only be one Larry Hagman. Larry was a larger-than-life personality, both on-screen and off -- a master showman and brilliant actor who brought to life a character that transcended the medium and truly captivated a nation. Today, we mourn the loss of a friend, but remember a man who brought true greatness to his craft and a television character in J.R. Ewing that will never be forgotten."

- Larry Hagman Dead at 81
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  1. Larry was a great, fun loving guy. In 1972, he rounded up some pals (Godfrey Cambridge, Robert Walker, Dick Van Patten, Carol Lynley, etc) and directed a very funny "sequel" to THE BLOB, "BEWARE! THE BLOB!" (he makes a cameo, too)

    He was a loyal friend. When the character of Valene Ewing was written on to DALLAS (initially as a Guest Star), he called Carol to offer her the part. She was already booked on another show so Joan Van Ark got the part...which, of course, evolved into a contract part with the spinoff show, KNOTS LANDING.

    Altho' I never met him, Larry had a major impact on my own professional life. I originally was called "J.R." (for 'Junior,' --I'm named after my dad) but as I began my career at the height of the DALLAS craze, my name worked against me. Everyone assumed I'd taken it from his Ewing character. In 1982, I was cast in a play starring Patrick Duffy. When we were introduced, he looked down at me and said, "Seriously? Who shot you?" I immediately started using my birth name (Nelson) and have, ever since.

    Ironically, when I met Barbara Eden many years later, she asked me if I was named for "Major Nelson" from I DREAM OF JEANNIE.

    Either way, Larry has always been with me!