Monday, November 26, 2012

We Love Soaps Interview Archive: Susan Flannery

Susan Flannery came in at #1 on the We Love Soaps countdown of the 50 Greatest Soap Actresses Of All Time. The talented and generous Emmy and Golden Globe winning actress spoke with us in 2009 for an in-depth interview offering insights into her career on television, films, as well as her participation in helping other actors get the benefits and residuals they deserve.  In case you missed it, please enjoy this inspiring interview with a true daytime legend.

In Part One - The talented actress reflects on her early acting career, and her role as Laura Horton on Days of our Lives.

In Part Two - Ms. Flannery shares how she got the time off from her soap role to do The Towering Inferno, and how the sixty minute format changed Days of our Lives.

In Part Three - The Emmy winner shares her decision to join The Bold and the Beautiful, as well as her off-screen activism.

In Part Four - Ms. Flannery reflects more on her proactive role in advocating for actors' rights, and shares thoughts about Stephanie Forrester's psychological problems.

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- Susan Flannery Surprise Salute Video
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