Thursday, October 4, 2012

NEWS ROUNDUP: Gloria Loring Opens Up About Sexual Abuse Plus Her Relationship With Don Diamont. Plus, Nadia Bjorlin, Peter Galman, James Pickens Jr.

Gloria Loring's New Book Explores 'Coincidence' That Shaped Her Life, Including Relationship With Don Diamont
"Don [Diamont, currently playing Bill Spencer on B&B] and I were together for three years," says DAYS alum Loring. "He came from a family that was very respectful and schooled in the old ways. His mother and father were just the finest people, and they raised their children to be that way. I didn’t respect myself very much. I used to call myself names, and when my marriage ended, I felt guilty for breaking up the marriage to Alan [Thicke]. I felt all the powerlessness of my childhood come up."

"I was on DAYS at that point and earning a six-figure income. I was supposedly a celebrity and all of that, and I supposedly had all this talent, but I felt like a beaten-up child. So, all my powerlessness came up and Don came in and treated me with such kindness and respect, and paid attention to everything I was thinking or doing. He was so attentive. I had not been paying attention to what I need. So he taught me how to pay attention. Don is a really nice man, and family is number one with him. He has really great qualities. I have been very blessed to have him and others in my life. When we parted, because he knew he had to go off and have a family of his own, because family was so important to him after the passing of his own father, I said, “What is the most important thing he gave me?” I realized it was the respect and the attentiveness. I knew I had to start doing that for myself. It’s taken me a long time. I could still do better, but Don was an important person in that process."

Gloria Loring: I was sexually abused
She talked to HLN’s Dr. Drew Wednesday night about the memoir which explains how coincidence helped her make sense of her many challenges in life, including something she had never spoken about on television before – sexual abuse

”I remember when I heard about all of those young men with [Jerry] Sandusky and it just hurt my heart so much because I just thought, ‘You know, I know how it is to go through your life and never feel safe in your own body that,’” Loring said.

It’s cult-classic week on DVD
Johnny Depp stars as Barnabas Collins in Tim Burton’s Dark Shadows, now available on DVD.

Galman (pictured, right) played Tom Hughes on ATWT from 1969-1973. He's currently starring at the New Jersey Repertory Company's East Coast premiere of Sharr White's dark comedy, "Annapurna."

'You Are Not Special' Director (and EMPIRE star) Lauren B. Martin On Balancing Nightlife and Art in NYC
"You Are Not Special is about a woman from New York in her, ehem, late thirties-early 40s who works as a stylist," explains Martin, who starred in AS THE WORLD TURNS for several years as Camille. "Surrounded by everything and everyone who is fabulous in this city can sometimes make even the bravest of spirits feel very 'un-special.' She has replaced the idea of dating and finding that person with excelling in her work and spending time with her good friends. Then, she’s introduced to a man who entirely throws her off track ,and we get to see her unravel and experience some great comedy that helps her remember she is, in fact, special."

BREAKING BAD, Now in Awesome Action Figure Form
Trevor Grove - who works at collectible giants Sideshow - is sculpting BREAKING BAD's Walter White and two other characters with the bodies cannibalized from Hot Toys pieces, with custom sculpting taking care of most of the rest.

Kelli O'Hara and Ron Raines Featured on CD "Celebrating the American Spirit" - Set for Release Oct. 23
"Celebrating the American Spirit," performed by Essential Voices USA (EVUSA) and conducted by Judith Clurman along with guest artists, Broadway stars Kelli O’Hara and Ron Raines and composer-arranger Larry Hochman, represents an American songbook for the 21st century.

Nadia Bjorlin Takes Glamour Behind-the-Scenes Her First Week Back on Set at DAYS
Bjorlin's first episode back at DAYS OF OUR LIVES airs January 4 on NBC.

James Pickens Jr., Nicole Ari Parker, Stephen Byrd, Alia Jones, and Willis Edwards Honored At The 22nd NAACP Theatre Awards On Nov. 5th
James Pickens, Jr. - This year's Lifetime Achievement honoree started acting at the Karamu House, is a member of NEC (Negro Ensemble Company), and was featured in "Soldier's Play" with co-stars Denzel Washington and Samuel L. Jackson. Pickens is well known to television audiences for his recurring roles on the hit series GREY'S ANAOMTY where he received a Screen Actors Guild Award for Best Drama Ensemble and most recently won an NAACP Image Award. He starred in ANOTHER WORLD from 1986 to 1990.

B&B Alum Agnes Bruckner to Play Anna Nicole Smith
Bruckner, who daytime fans know as B&B's Bridget from 1997-99, has been tapped to portray Anna Nicole Smith in the upcoming TV movie biopic The Anna Nicole Story. "So excited to be a part of this! Cannot wait to start filming!" the actress Tweeted. Bruckner's other soapy prime-time roles have included a 2009 stint on PRIVATE PRACTICE as Heather and DIRTY SEXY MONEY's Daphne.

Four more reasons to cheer for soaps
NASHVILLE is one of four recommended fall primetime soap operas.

James Reynolds and Kate Linder will be among guests as Lion Ark Night honors Bob Barker
Barker will receive the 2012 Lord Houghton Award for Services to Animal Welfare.

Patsy Palmer returns to EASTENDERS
The characters of Bianca Butcher and her mother Carol Jackson are returning to EASTENDERS. Patsy Palmer and Lindsey Coulson were back on the set of the BBC soap yesterday following a six month break.

ONCE UPON A TIME Hooks Colin O'Donoghue to Become Series Regular
The Irish actor joined the cast in August, landing the pivotal role of Captain Hook, whose impending arrival was announced by showrunners Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis at Comic-Con this summer. O'Donoghue's new status kicks in during the second half of Season 2.

CALIFORNICATION's Pamela Adlon to make trouble for Adam and Crosby on PARENTHOOD
She will play Marlana, an acerbic and rude woman who moves into the building next to the Braverman brothers’ music studio, The Luncheonette. After having dropped a fortune on her posh new pad, Marlana is furious about the noise coming from Crosby and Adam’s place of business and eventually files a complaint with the city.

An Overly Elaborate Visualization of Everything That Happened in LOST
In a project called "Lostalgic," Santiago Ortiz uses scripts from Lostpedia, the Lost wiki, to visualize the way conversations were written and the social network connections of characters. The first page interprets the scripts as bar graphs, with individual lines represented by a photo of the character.

Al Thompson Aims To Highlight Harlem In New Web Series, LENOX AVENUE
"For me, my motto is if you create a digital series on the internet the studios can never cancel you."

Lark Voorhies Battling Bipolar Disorder
"There are things that have traumatized her," says her mother, Tricia, who shares a home with her daughter in Pasadena, Calif. "I care deeply about my daughter and I want her to resume her life."

AMERICAN HORROR STORY: "Enter the Asylum" Promo

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