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NEWS ROUNDUP: Michael Muhney On Y&R's Cartoonish Passions; Kelly Monaco's Grueling Schedule; EMMERDALE At 40; Bette Midler To GLEE

Michael Muhney on the recent past of THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS: "I don't think half of those stories needed to happen"
"It saddens me that when you summarize the storyline, the show and some of its recent past sounds like cartoonish passions," Muhney says. "I don't think half of those stories needed to happen. I wouldn't have gone that far in the writing with the baby issue. The Victor and Sharon marriage was almost like an inside joke."

The arrival of the new writers puts the weird plot turns in the past, Muh-ney says.

"A lot of the characters on the show are going to have to get a get-out-of-jail-free card, in terms of what happened in the last few years," Muhney says. "For these characters to have long-term strength and respectability, the audience is going to have to look at them like 85 per cent of what happened in the last few years was a bad dream."

The TV Land Electorate
Many of the most popular TV characters tend to keep quiet about their politics, avoiding naming names and party affiliations, lest they alienate any of their viewers.

There are some exceptions, though, and they range across both the political spectrum and the TV dial. Slate assembled some of our favorite faces from the small screen who have expressed actual political affiliations—and the results are fantastically bipartisan.

GENERAL HOSPITAL's Kelly Monaco scores 37.5 on Monday's DANCING WITH THE STARS
Kelly Monaco and Val Chmerkovskiy: Contemporary dance takes years to perfect, but Kelly and Val had only one week to prepare their routine. Plus, Kelly broke her toe during rehearsal, but she decided to dance with her injury. In bare feet, she swayed with Val and performed the most emotional dance of the season. Len said that Kelly was his biggest revelation. Bruno called the dance “emotionally charged.” Carrie Ann stated that the dance was stunning and full of raw emotion.

After receiving their scores, Val swept Kelly into his masculine arms and carried her up the stairs. He later said, “I really, really don’t care about the scores or the results or the elimination. I’m just really blessed to have met this person and be a part of her journey.” Kelly said while looking at her partner, “The show has absolutely nothing to do with dancing. It’s about the journey, the friendships, the relationships that you make and trusting the people that you’re with.” Because of their incredible dance, heartfelt comments and raw emotions, Kelly and Val earn the most emotional dance award so far for the all-star season. Many speculate if their relationship has blossomed into something deeper than just dance partners.

Kelly Monaco on her grueling DWTS schedule
"It is the most difficult thing I have ever done. We did eight hours yesterday and I’m on my way to the studio for pretty much the same today. I have bruises all over my body and everything hurts. I can’t breathe without feeling my ribs hurt. I’ve done triathlons and never hurt this much."

Mental Floss: The 25 Most Powerful TV Shows of the Last 25 Years
22. Days of Our Lives: The Show That Slowed Down the Supreme Court
For years before his 1991 retirement, Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall slipped away from deliberations each day to watch DAYS OF OUR LIVES. The show wasn't just a guilty pleasure; it helped shape the justice’s understanding of the world. As Marshall once told Justice William Brennan, soaps teach viewers valuable lessons about life.

Eileen Davidson on her DAYS OF OUR LIVES characer, Kristen, working at a church
"She’s trying to redeem herself with Salem and she’s trying to convince everybody that she’s changed, and that she’s had tons of therapy, and she wants to make amends and show that she is a better person. So what better way to do that then to be working in The House of the Lord."

Bette Midler to make a cameo in GLEE
Ryan Murphy tweeted the news: "Bette said yes! Amazing. I am plotting...who should she play?"  Will she play Rachel's grandmother?

Les Moonves Signs Contract Extension at CBS
Moonves, the chief executive of the CBS Corporation, will remain in his position through 2017, according to the terms of a contract extension announced on Monday evening.

40th anniversary: Actor Tony Audenshaw on why live episode is the biggest challenge for cast and crew

"When the other soaps have done a live show, most of the scenes have been shot in the controlled environment of a studio.  Ours is a unique occasion as it’s entirely on location.  So sets have had to be built in empty buildings, sound and camera equipment hired in, roads dug up to hide countless cables, tents and caravans brought in to make canteens and dressing rooms.  But all this banging on about what a technical challenge it is doesn’t really matter to the viewer.  You’ll either be watching it because you’re an EMMERDALE fan or to see if anything might go wrong.  If it’s the latter, fair enough, but start watching on Monday so you you can get involved in the characters and stories."

GOSSIP GIRL Series Finale — Chuck & Blair Get Married?
Chair fans are going to have to stock up on tons of tissues for the GOSSIP GIRL series finale. The cast was filming the final episode Monday, Oct. 15, and it looks like Chuck (Ed Westwick) and Blair (Leighton Meester) will finally end up together, forever.

GOSSIP GIRL: Jenny and Eric Back For Finale?
Taylor Momsen and Connor Paolo, aka Jenny Humphrey and Eric van der Woodsen, were spotted on the show’s set, prompting speculation that the CW soap is staging a big family reunion for its upcoming series finale.

Kristin Chenoweth Still Dealing with Neck Injuries, Cracked Teeth After THE GOOD WIFE Accident
Calling the experience "life changing," the actress, 44, said she is "only doing things that really matter."

As for her current recovery status, Chenoweth is keeping a positive attitude about the tough road ahead. "I'm getting along so good, but for example, about three weeks ago I found out I have three cracked teeth from the accident. It's an ongoing recovery and it's not going to be fast. I have neck issues and a 5-inch skull fracture, [but] that's healing," she said, adding, "[I'm] doing great and moving forward."

FOX Developing 2 Aircraft Carrier Dramas
Last season, the network put in development THE BRIDGE, from writer Taylor Elmore (Justified), producer Mark Johnson and Sony Pictures TV. The project, described as a high-octane soap with a touch of Upstairs, Downstairs set on a Navy aircraft carrier, didn’t go to pilot but the network kept it in contention, rolling in to this season. Now JUSTIFIED executive producers Graham Yost and Michael Dinner have boarded the drama to help with the rewrite, giving it additional clout. Both will executive produce, with Dinner also attached to direct. Elmore is still the writer, with Johnson and his Gran Via still attached, along with Sony TV.

BREAKING BAD's Fans Donate More Than $125,000 to Fight Cancer via SaveWalterWhite.com
Since the launch of SaveWalterWhite.com in July of 2009, more than one million Breaking Bad fans have clicked on the "Click Here to Donate" button and visited the National Cancer Coalition's website, and to date, those fans have donated more than $125,000 to the NCC.

THE GOOD WIFE: Has Season 4’s Kalinda Storyline Gone too Far?
"We’ve waited a long time to learn more about Kalinda, why she created another identity, and why she likes to keep a mysterious quality. My main complaint is that there’s no payoff. I don’t buy their relationship or the predicament she finds herself in at all."

ANOTHER WORLD alum Lindsay Lohan: "I'm Sitting Down with Barbara Walters"
Lohan and Walters will sit down sometime in the next few weeks in advance of the premiere of Lohan's Lifetime movie, Liz & Dick, on November 25.

Lohan forces ‘Liz’ producers to pay $46K hotel bill for Walters interview
Her interview with Walters, yet to be taped, is scheduled to air Nov. 16 on “20/20,” and will delve into the dynamics of her dysfunctional family, including last Wednesday’s 4 a.m. phone call to her father, Michael Lohan, where she accused her mother, Dina, of using cocaine. Michael taped the conversation and either sold it, or leaked it for free, to TMZ. Lindsay later recanted the accusation.

Trailer released for Syfy's DEFIANCE
DEFIANCE is set on a future Earth ravaged by interstellar war and inhabited by surviving humans and aliens. The series was developed to debut simultaneously in April 2013 with Trion World’s multi-platform shooter MMO game. It stars Grant Bowler, Julie Benz, Stephanie Leonidas, Tony Curran, Jaime Murray, Fionnula Flanagan, Mia Kirshner and Graham Greene.

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  1. I wonder what Muhney would say about the travesty that was Sharon and Adam. What an insulting storyline that did so much damage to Sharon