Saturday, October 20, 2012

WATCH: EMPIRE Season 4 Finale

Molly Burnett, Mark Hapka and Tina Sloan in the EMPIRE season finale
Indie Soap Award-winning EMPIRE aired its Season 4 finale this week.

In the episode, "Devil Wouldn't Recognize You," the Haven family reacts to Sandra's return. Theodora (Tina Sloan) comes face to face with Lisa (Molly Burnett) and Trevor (Mark Hapka). Rodney (Christian Barber) uncovers a secret.

The episode is only available until October 31. On November 1, the latest season of the series will be removed from the internet and will not be available again until the season is relaunched online in 2013. In addition, the series has designated the month of December to highlight episodes from their first three seasons at The “31 Days Of Empire” will feature one episode a day starting with Season One, Episode One on December 1, 2012 and going straight through the Season 3 finale which will be featured on December 31.

For now, watch the season finale below and let us know what you think:

The fourth season of EMPIRE was shot almost entirely on location in the Hamptons and was directed by Fritz Brekeller (ALL MY CHILDREN). Among the regular cast members featured on EMPIRE's newest season are AS THE WORLD TURNS alums Ellen Dolan, Lauren B. Martin and Yvonne Perry, DAYS OF OUR LIVES' Molly Burnett and Mark
Hapka, and GUIDING LIGHT vets Orlagh Cassidy and Tina Sloan. Season 4 was also co-produced by Daytime Emmy winner Martha Byrne. EMPIRE is written by Brian Hewson and Greg Turner.

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