Judith Light Joins DALLAS

Former ONE LIFE TO LIVE Emmy winner Judith Light is joining the cast of DALLAS for its upcoming second season, TVLine is reporting. She will recur throughout Season 2.

...the Emmy-winning TV vet (Who’s the Boss, Ugly Betty, One Life to Live) is joining the second season of the TNT hit as an authoritative and controlling battle-ax who will fight to the death to protect the people she loves. And for the people she loves, she uses every psychological trick in the book to make them do what she wants.

Could this dragon lady be the mother of Brenda Strong’s Ann Ewing? Seems like a safe bet, particularly in light of the imminent arrival of a character we’re guessing will turn out to be Ann’s estranged daughter.
Emma Bell will be playing Ann's daughter, Emily.

What do you think of this latest casting news?

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  1. I love it - but I'm not sure if 63-year-old Light would want to play the mother of 52-year-old Strong. However, it is a soap opera so I guess anything is possible.

  2. One of my favorite actresses on one of my favorite shows.

  3. Thrilled that Light will bring some much needed acting heft to the show. But having her play Ann's mother is ridiculous even by soap standards.

  4. You've got to be kidding. Claudia Zacchara is JOHNNY'S mother and let's not even get into the Cady McLain/Jacob Young mother/son ridiculousness. Oh, let's not forget Wally Kurth and Jane Elliot (who is 63, by the way) as love interests on Days and mother and son on GH. Come on.

  5. According to gossip columnist, Billy Masters, Judith Light will NOT be playing Brenda Strong's mother. He says that's definitely NOT gonna happen. And while sworn to secrecy, he says "the juicy role fits her to a T." That could be a blind item the way Billy writes things... lol!