Friday, October 19, 2012

30 Dynamic Duos of Daytime Soaps (15-11)

Our list of 30 Great Dynamic Duos of Daytime Soaps kicked off with a look at twosomes 30-26, 25-21, and 20-16. Below the countdown continues with Dynamic Duos 15-11. Tell us your favorite Dynamic Duos in the Comments section below:

DUO: Reva Shayne & Annie Dutton
RANK: 15
Reva: Kim Zimmer
Annie: Cynthia Watros, Signy Coleman
YEARS: 1995-1999, 2003
"Reva had a lot of captivating rivalries over the years (including the enigmatic Sonni) but her rivalry with nurse-turned-nutcase Annie kept us glued to our seats, as Annie schemed to keep 'Jarsh' away from Reva." - Patrick Erwin

DUO: Keith Timmons & Gina DeMott
RANK: 14
Keith: Justin Deas, Robin Strand, John Novak
Gina: Robin Mattson
YEARS: 1986-1988, 1990-1991
"A perfect and hysterical pair of schemers, Keith and Gina eventually fell in love and got married, but a romantic happy ending wasn't meant to be. Timmons and Mattson were a well-matched acting team." - Roger Newcomb

DUO: Roger Coleridge & Delia Reid Ryan
RANK: 13
Roger: Ron Hale
Delia: Ilene Kristen, Robyn Millan, Randall Edwards, Robin Mattson
YEARS: 1975-1984, 1986-1989
"Delia had a love-hate relationship with Roger. They were two flawed human beings who were truly each other's soul mates. Hale and Kristen worked so well together throughout the years that I always hoped they would reunite on GENERAL HOSPITAL where he later played Mike." - Roger Newcomb

DUO: Sonny Corinthos & Jason Morgan
RANK: 12
Sonny: Maurice Benard
Jason: Steve Burton
YEARS: 1993-2012
"One of Daytime's longest running bromances has confounded critics -- but delighted viewers (most of them, anyway...) -- for more than a decade. Seriously, these two dudes always had each other's backs, and their loyalty to each other was one of the only constants on GH during the 2000s." - Jonathan Reiner

DUO: Lauren Fenmore & Sheila Carter
RANK: 11
Lauren: Tracey E. Bregman
Sheila: Kimberlin Brown, Michelle Stafford
YEARS: 1990-2007 (on both soaps)
"Definitely a duo and, thanks to Sheila, decidedly dastardly, their rivalry made soap history as it played out on two soaps for twenty years." - Patrick Erwin

The Dynamic Duos list was compiled with input from the We Love Soaps staff as well as some friends in the industry--Patrick Erwin, Jonathan Reiner and Connie Passalacqua Hayman (Marlena De Lacroix). 


  1. I've been waiting for this. Happy to see Ryan's Hope included. Remember that first Santa Barbara clip with Keith and Gina and just as funny today.

  2. Great list so far. GL's Annie was destroyed in the re-cast and it's explanation was lame!

    I hope that ATWT's Carly and Molly make this list!

  3. Everyone knows that I love Kim Zimmer, to me she best of the best, what's made her and Cynthia Watros so great you could tell they was having fun in these scenes. Tell the truth I could said this with all these duos on this list this week.

  4. zyx, I remember laughing at Keith and Gina so much back then. I was in my teens at at the time.

    MrVaritek, I love Signy but a second Annie was doomed from the start. Have you see Cynthia's new web series? It's self-depricating and hilarious and lots of GL metions.

    Dinah, me too. Whether it's the comedy or drama or crazy or just great friendships, they all make me smile for one reason or another.

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  6. Thanks Rog! I'll check out CW's web series. And I agree Signey is a good actress, but doomed as Annie on GL.

  7. Roger, I'm loving this list so far! I hope Viki/Dorian and Nora/Lindsay from OLTL are included in the top 10!

  8. Thanks, Chris. This list could have been 100. I'm sure all the lists could have been. There's just something about these special friendships or rivalries or various dynamics that I love.

  9. OMG, even I'd forgotten that for a hot minute Annie claimed to be Reva's sister!

    Great clips, Roger!!!

  10. I think this was such a great idea! So many great duos on daytime over the years. It was a Reva and Annie scene that I caught one day home from school that brought me to Springfield. I think Kimberlin Brown was amazing as Sheila. Looking forward to seeing who else you have chosen t recognize! Maybe a duo from "Loving"? I miss that little soap..and Christine Tudor!

  11. If Timmy & Tabitha don't make the top of the list, something is terribly wrong!

  12. You know that Brooke and Stephanie are going to be in the top 10 without a doubt now that Susan Flannery (Stephanie), one of daytime's grand dames is finally hanging up her acting hat. These next few weeks watching B&B are going to be the hardest for the fans as much as it will be for the cast and crew.

  13. This is a great list. I agree that Felicia Gallant and Cass Winthrop AW ought to be number one. They are the only ones that even spawned other great dynamic duos. Felicia and Wally, Felicia and Lily, Cass and Cecile, Cass and Kathleen, Cass and Frankie. Their friendship is unique in daytime as a long running friendship between two people of the oposite sex. It was fun, funny, adventurous, sweet, drama, quirky, comfortable, campy and more. They saw eachother through everything.
    I think Katherine Chancelor and Jill Foster Y&R should be up there as well. The single longest term dynamic duo on the list!
    Reva and Jonathon come to mind on GL as well.
    Other mentions:
    Nola Dancy and Billy Aldrich The Doctors. Kim Zimmer and a young Alec Baldwin set there scenes ablaze! Whether they were bumping up against eachother, bumping into eachother or just bump.... well you get the idea
    Cecile and Alma Rudder on Another World. A more devious and comic duo there never was. Unfortunately their time was cut short by stupid writing when they killed Alma off.
    Eugene Bradford and Caliope Jones Days of our lives. This dynamic duo were never boring. From planning a doggy wedding to helping out their fav herrione Marlena, they kept us in stitches.
    Lionel and Augusta Lockridge on Santa Barbara. This adversarial married couple reveled in their uniqueness. She would spice things up by serving her daughters pet pidgeon for dinner. He would dress up like a lion tammer and ravage her. There was never a dull moment with these two adventurers.

  14. Absolutely loving this Top couples, Reva & Annie gotta love those two and chemistry they had on screen.

    Bill & Michelle from GL we watched those two grow up. I agree about Felicia & Cass they were fantastic.

    One I think people has overlooked is Roger & Maureen Bauer. Roger show the upmost respect toward Maureen and Maureen just got Roger. Also Vanessa & Maureen.

  15. Foto Man - ITA, about Timmy & Tabitha. What a fantastic pair!

    I'd also like to see some love for the great brother-sister duo of Jack & Ashley on Y&R. (Haven't noticed a brother-sister pair yet.) Anyway - Terry Lester and Eileen Davidson were so awesome back in the day, and it still works with Peter Bergman.