Sunday, October 14, 2012

CYNTHIA WATROS GETS LOST: 'Of Course I Can Act. I Won An Emmy For The GUIDING LIGHT For God's Sake'

The hilarious new Cynthia Watros web series, CYNTHIA WATROS GETS LOST, begins with hearing her side of a phone call with her agent as she is leaving an audition:

"Did you even read the specs? You sent me in there with a bunch of trannies.....Of course I can act. I won an Emmy for the GUIDING LIGHT for God's sake. You're my agent, you should....yes, it was 14 years ago, but..."

She ends up with a Guru where she guesses, "You're a GUIDING LIGHT fan." He replies, "I'm a guiding light."

And so it begins.  The up-and-down life of an actress looking for work.  Written and directed by Ben Fritz, there have now been three episodes released. Watch them all below:

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  1. So great when people are able to poke fun at themselves and the industry.

    Just saw her on Hawaii Five-0 and was wondering what she was up to.

  2. Love the Web Series! Keep making them PLEASE! So funny....