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EXCLUSIVE: FARM HOUSE Coming In 2013, From SUNDAYS Creator Forrest Naylor

Sid Garza-Hillman and Forest Naylor celebrate at the 3rd Annual
Indie Soap Awards in February.  They join forces again in Naylor's
upcoming web series, FARM HOUSE.
One of the biggest Indie Soap breakout talents of 2011, Forrest Naylor, has shared details of his new venture exclusively with We Love Soaps. Allow us to introduce: FARM HOUSE.

FARM HOUSE is an original web series about Buster and Rose Shepherd, a married couple from the city who finally, after many years of saving, buy their dream house in the country – a large, old farmhouse. So far, Sid Garza-Hillman and Veronica Krestow have already been cast as Buster and Rose.

Naylor, whose show SUNDAYS won an Indie Soap Award this year for Best Ensemble, has a knack for motivating his troop and imbuing his cast with a single, cohesive flavor.  In SUNDAYS, for example, a cast of real kooky characters gels so well that the neighborhood they live in feels 100% authentic, despite the raging eccentricities of the inhabitants.

Krestow and Garza-Hillman are SUNDAYS veterans as well, and in fact, he's also an Indie Soap Award nominee - for Best Actor (Drama).  In addition to several small, quirky, memorable movie roles, Garza-Hillman's credits also include a notable music career, as a recording artist with Innerstate Records, leading The Sid Hillman Quartet.  In total SUNDAYS won seven total awards this year being nominated for several more.

Naylor offered We Love Soaps a sneak preview of FARM HOUSE, and the story of Buster and Rose:

The day they move in, Buster disappears, leaving his wallet and identification behind - his car later found on the side of the highway out of gas.

A year passes and with their savings dwindling, Rose can no longer make the mortgage payments on the farmhouse. Convinced Buster will one day return, Rose decides to rent out the extra rooms in order to make up for Buster’s income, one to her beautiful cousin, Velvet, and the other rooms to complete strangers – Sasha, a young ex-doctor and his submissive wife, McKenzie, and Linus and Delilah, a father and daughter reunited after thirteen years when Linus is released from prison after being found innocent for a crime he didn’t commit.

Another year goes by. With little hope remaining, Rose decides to sell the farmhouse and go traveling with a man who has just recently swept her off her feet. But those plans come to a screeching halt when after two years of absence, Buster walks in the front door, a victim of memory loss.

This is where the story begins…

Oh… yes… one more little thing: there’s another roommate Buster will have to meet. A roommate only Buster can see. Her name is Jezebel. Jezebel Darling. And Jezebel Darling is dead.

FARM HOUSE is currently casting the series. If you are an actor interested in auditioning (experienced only), send Forrest Naylor a reel and resume at [email protected] or to:

Fog Line Films
P.O. Box 1981
Fort Bragg, CA 95437

Shooting will take place at the beginning of March 2013 in the Anderson Valley, which is in the wine country, about two hours north of San Francisco.

Below is a list of FARM HOUSE characters:

BUSTER SHEPHERD (Sid Garza-Hillman)
Early forties. Beatnik/Ska like. Wears a lot of black and white and hats. Grew up listening to 80’s music and still influenced by it’s fashion: English Beat, Specials, Style Council, etc. Madly in love with his wife, Rose. Marine Biologist. Took job close by on coast. Lost it when he disappeared for three years due to a bout of amnesia. Returns to find his house full of strangers. Where he was while he was missing will gradually be written into the story. He’s the only one in the house who can see Jezebel Darling.

ROSE SHEPHERD (Veronica Krestow)
Mid thirties, loyal, beautiful and classy, grounded wife of Buster. Vocal teacher. Always loved Buster, but now has huge dilemma because three months before Buster’s return she met a man who rocked her world – Dylan Green. She never thought it could happen, but alas, it did. She knows she must stay with Buster, but can’t seem to get Dylan out of her mind all the way. It doesn’t help that he calls, sends flowers and other romantic gestures continuously.

Late twenties. Sexy cousin of Rose. From city. Used to be a dancer in a top dance company, when she suffered an ankle injury that ended her dancing career and subsequently fell into a deep depression. Rose offered her to come to the country and rent one of the rooms from her, which she did.

Mid thirties ex-young hot-shot doctor who lost his license when he took out his friends tonsils while they were drunk, subsequently causing his friend to bleed to death. Still has an air of arrogance about him. Know-it-all-type. He starts out being really nice putting up a good front, but his true arrogant colors shine as the episodes go on.

Early thirties. Wife of Sasha. Everything about her is perfect. Not a hair out of place. Very Stepford Wife feel about her. Shy and catering to Sasha’s every need. Very submissive. We see her develop more independence as the series goes on, especially living with Rose and Velvet. Starts to get really motherly towards Delilah.

Late forties to fifties. Released from prison after serving 13 years for allegedly killing his wife. After he is acquitted, he and his teen daughter Delilah goes to live at the farmhouse. Sweetest guy, with some strange fetishes. Rose took him and Delilah in because she felt sorry for them. An interesting dilemma is that he was straight when he went into prison but gay when he came out.

Teen daughter of Linus. Lived in and out of foster homes after her mother was murdered and her father sent off to prison for allegedly killing her. Goes to live with Linus when he is released from prison. Definitely going through her teen faze. Used to be so innocent and sweet. Becoming gradually promiscuous now. Enhances when she meets Margaret. Also looks up to Velvet.

Mid twenties to early thirties woman. A spirit in the farmhouse dressed in 1920-1930’s attire, who only Buster can see. Develops a deep, interesting relationship with Buster, which will add tension and complications to his marriage.

Sixties to seventy, grumpy, bitter feuding neighbor and country store owner. Right wing tea-party type.

Sixties to seventy nasty, bitter wife of Ozzy.

Sultry, mysterious twenty-year-old granddaughter of Ozzy and Lizzy. Perpetual liar. Lives with Ozzy and Lizzy. Hides herself when people come around, or when she thinks somebody is looking at her. Eventually befriends Delilah and influences her a lot.

Late thirties to early forties man, who Rose meets a few months before Buster returns. They have a special connection. He’s crazy about Rose. Can’t seem to let her go even though Buster has returned. He’s a lyricist for bands and singers.

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