Saturday, August 4, 2012

Today in Soap Opera History (August 4) - TEXAS Premiered 32 Years Ago Today!

On this date in...

1966: Donald Briscoe took over the role of Tony Merritt in DAYS OF OUR LIVES. Floy Dean is playing Laura in the clip below. Susan Flannery took over as Laura in October 1966.

1980: TEXAS ("starring Beverlee McKinsey") premiered on NBC. The show was created by John William Corrington, Joyce Corrington, and Paul Rauch. The show lasted until December 31, 1982, with a change to "New Generation" midway through the run.

1980: ANOTHER WORLD returned to 60 minutes (from 90). Russ and Tracy began their honeymoon, and Jamie had dinner with Mac and Rachel.

1980: On THE EDGE OF NIGHT, Larry and Frankie tried to get answers out of "Kirk" (aka Draper).

1997: Kevin Spirtas debuted as Craig Wesley in DAYS OF OUR LIVES.

2009: On ONE LIFE TO LIVE, Viki and Charlie, and Clint and Nora, were married in a double wedding.

Celebrating a birthday today are:
Frank Vincent (ex-Phil, THE SOPRANOS) - 73
Sara Botsford (ex-Lilith, AS THE WORLD TURNS; ex-Lucy, GUIDING LIGHT) - 61
Laurie Heineman (ex-Sharlene, ANOTHER WORLD; ex-Mary, AS THE WORLD TURNS)
President Barack Obama - 51
Sebastian Roché (Jerry, GENERAL HOSPITAL) - 48
James Tupper (David, REVENGE) - 47
Crystal Chappell (Gina, VENICE; Nico, THE GROVE; ex-Carly, DAYS OF OUR LIVES; ex-Olivia, GUIDING LIGHT; ex-Maggie, ONE LIFE TO LIVE; ex-Jane, SANTA BARBARA; ex-ALL MY CHILDREN) - 47
James Tupper (Andrew, GREY'S ANATOMY; ex-Jack, MEN IN TREES) - 47
Timothy Adams (ex-Ron, ONE LIFE TO LIVE; ex-Rob, GUIDING LIGHT; ex-Casey, SUNSET BEACH) - 45
Daniel Dae Kim (ex-Jin, LOST; ex-Dr. Kim, ALL MY CHILDREN) - 44
Marcus Schenkenberg (ex-Ben, ONE LIFE TO LIVE; ex-Max, AS THE WORLD TURNS) - 44
Michael DeLuise (ex-T.J., GILMORE GIRLS) - 43
Abigail Spencer (ex-Becca, ALL MY CHILDREN; ex-Miss Farrell, MAD MEN) - 31
Meghan Markle (ex-Jill, GENERAL HOSPITAL) - 31
Jen Lilley (Maxie, GENERAL HOSPITAL)
Peter Weber (Young Roman, DAYS OF OUR LIVES) - 21

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  1. Happy 32nd Birthday TEXAS! I was there for your birth and still miss you. Thanks for the wonderful memories.

  2. Ah, Beverlee. I would have watched her read the phone book.

  3. Dear Beverlee--We Still Love You!

    Brian :-)