Sunday, December 6, 2009

WLS Interview Archive: Kevin Spirtas

Kevin Spirtas is continuing to amaze New York audiences in the Off-Broadway play, "Loaded."  You can still get tickets for this groundbreaking drama by pressing here. 

We Love Soaps recently had the opportunity to see the play, and interview the outspoken and courageous Kevin Spirtas about his performance, as well as reflections on his career.

You can read our full review of "Loaded" here.

Then don't miss our in-depth and revealing interview with Mr. Spirtas in three parts:

Part One - Kevin begins by discussing his role in "Loaded," his thoughts about Craig on Days of our Lives, and how he is no stranger to taking his clothes off.

Part Two - Kevin discusses his stint on One Life to Live, as well as what is revealed in his one man show.

Part Three - Kevin reflects on his career in soaps and theater, as well as hopes for his future.

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