Friday, August 31, 2012

NEWS ROUNDUP: Deidre Hall's Eight Favorite DAYS Moments! Plus, Jon Hensley, Colin Egglesfield, BUFFY, Emily VanCamp

Deidre Hall's eight favorite DAYS OF OUR LIVES moments
No. 1 - Episode 4688, Tom arranges a shotgun wedding for Marlena and Eugene (Airdate: April 13, 1984): “It’s chock full of such wonderful dynamics,” Hall recalls to EW. “Roman is meant to be underground. Everyone thought he was dead but he’s underground. Everyone was so animated and incredulous. It played like slapstick, too. It felt like we were in a different genre, like a sitcom. And what was funny was that Eugene didn’t mind marrying Marlena so much.”

THE CLIENT LIST star and ALL MY CHILDREN alum Colin Egglesfield: 'A lot of this stuff happens in real life'
"The crazy thing is a lot of stuff you’ve seen, especially when I was working on ALL MY CHILDREN, it was all, 'This is impossible! This is crazy! This would never happen in real life!' But then the more people I would talk to, the more they would come up to me during soap opera conventions and be like, 'I didn’t know who my real father was until I was 20 years old' or 'My dad is a physician. He goes to the Joliette prison and does check-ups on the women there. He found out that a woman buried this kid alive, holding him for ransom and it caved in and the kid died.' All this stuff, you think it’s made up and fantasy, I mean a lot of this stuff happens in real life. It’s kind of crazy."

Elizabeth Hurley's son Damian lands role as an extra in NEIGHBOURS
The 10-year-old, whose father is film producer and businessman Steve Bing, has filmed scenes as an extra in Australian soap-opera NEIGHBOURS.

Can Watching BUFFY Make Men Less Sexist?
Psychologist Christopher Ferguson showed 150 undergrads, half men and half women, episodes of sexually violent TV shows with weak or passive female characters (THE TUDORS and MASTER OF HORRORS) and of similarly violent shows featuring strong women (BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER and LAW & ORDER: SVU). For comparison, he also showed them episodes of 7TH HEAVEN and GILMORE GIRLS, which had "no sexual or violent content of even mild intensity." Afterwards, he gave students a questionnaire to measure their attitudes toward women, asking them how much they agreed or disagreed with statements like, "The intellectual leadership of a community should be largely in the hands of men" or, "There are many jobs in which men should be given preference over women in being hired or promoted." He also screened the students for anxiety and depression.

Ferguson found that men who watched shows with sexual violence but no strong female characters felt more negative toward women afterwards than those who enjoyed a relaxing episode of GILMORE GIRLS. But that wasn't true for men who watched shows with strong heroines — in his paper, Ferguson speculates, "it may be that negative depictions of women reawaken negative stereotypes that some men hold about women, whereas positive depictions challenge those stereotypes." Elsewhere, he's called this "the Buffy Effect."

Jon Hensley on his return to THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL
"There is definitely the possibility that they'll hook me up with somebody," the actor shares. "I know there are a few girls there who need leading men, so I'm hoping they take a chance with me." One person Hensley would welcome screen-time with is Katherine Kelly Lang (Brooke). "I think it would be great. It's completely open at this point," he says. On Twitter today, Lang revealed that she would also welcome the pairing saying, "It would be nice to work with John. He is a wonderful person. We would have fun."

Tori Spelling Gives Birth to a Son
The proud mom of four took to her website to share the good news, writing that their little one, named Finn Davey McDermott, was delivered August 30 at 5:39 p.m., weighing in at 6 pounds, 6 ounces.

Matt Smith and Karen Gillan Perform "Doctor Who"
Season 7 premieres Saturday, September 1 at 9/8C on BBC America.

11 Great Milestones in Televised Nudity
The Parents Television Council has released their annual report about the state of American television, and (spoiler alert) things are terrible. Que escandalo! In tribute to their glorious anti-nipple jihad, Nerve is taking a look back at some of the pioneers who made it possible for such debauchery to invade primetime.

Emily VanCamp Reveals How She Got Her Hot REVENGE Body
The 26-year-old actress appears on the September cover of Hamptons magazine, where she reveals her favorite method of exercise. "Pilates is probably my favorite way, but I want to get back into yoga," VanCamp says. "When I'm working, I find it's the best way to balance working on your body and also your mind and spirit."

The Draper Effect: MAD MEN Is (Still) Defining What You Wear
It’s five years since Don Draper came onto our screens, and we are solidly planted in a post-MAD MEN era. Though the severity of the style has slackened a bit, the dressiness has not. We’ve moved into an age of the finely tailored.

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