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LASER PIRATES:  Jason Leaver takes up swashbuckling.
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What do loony, laser-powered pirates and soulful, coming-of-age lesbians have in common? Absolutely nothing - except for Jason Leaver, Toronto's Indie icon.

As showrunner of the groundbreaking OUT WITH DAD, which has been officially endorsed by PFLAG Canada and has topped a total view count (all episodes) of ten million views, Jason has just launched the season two finale (episode 12) entitled "Out of Mind":
While Rose reads a letter from her overseas penpal, she and Claire awkwardly make small talk as the continue to get to know each other. The conversation gets very heavy when the subject of Vanessa comes up. It causes Rose to seriously consider things.
Jason assures me that there definitely will be a season three (PTL!) and yet exactly how many episodes depends on the support of OUT WITH DAD's fans. Furthermore, we won't be seeing any more full episodes until 2013 - most likely, not until summer 2013!

And that's where the laser pirates come in. I'll let Jason explain.
I've actually had a lot of success making web series with my show OUT WITH DAD. It's actually the most watched web series ever produced in Canada. A couple of months ago I met another film maker and his name is Mike Donis. We both have the same sort of drive, passion and energy for filmmaking. We just hit it off, you know?

He's got this project called THE SWASHBUCKLING ADVENTURES OF PETE WINNING AND THE PIRATES and I am so glad that he does. It has all my favorite things put into one show: Lasers and pirates; action and adventure. It's just the right kind of storytelling medium for this project... I tell you, if you guys have half as much fun watching this show s we'll have making it, then you'e in for a ride.

I just can't wait!
PETE WINNING AND THE PIRATES is co-directed by Jason and Mike Donis (Pete Winning). Terry He stars as a glamourpuss pirate villian and Danielle Barker is a totally badass pirate chick. Fun fact: PETE WINNING AND THE PIRATES is the first Indie shot entirely on the the water.

You can catch the short film "pilot episode" here, and support Jason's projects at the OUT WITH DAD Indiegogo-style contribute page, and at the actual Indiegogo page for PETE WINNING AND THE PIRATES.

LOOK OUT LOLCATS:  They are too cute.
Some bullets on the Indie scene this week.
- Here's an acting gig with a white-hot Indie. Showrunner Sebastian La Cause recently posted:
Hey friends! CASTING SOME EXTRAS for HUSTLING: An Original Web Series, Season 2. I need two males (20s-30s) adult film star types, attractive and in-shape, open ethnicity. Please private message me if you are interested. This shoots, Tuesday July 17th in the evening in NYC.
If you're interested, let me know [email protected] and I'll pass it along!
- Having shared in the excitement of the July 8 (private) world premiere of the three-part series finale of MISS BEHAVE (thank you to showrunner Susan Bernhardt), I can promise a good time if you tune into the first part which is now released. The youthful cast is on point (Jillian Clare and Michael Bolten stand out), and of course I have to mention that my cutie puhtootie buddy Patrika Darbo anchors the production with some earnest (and adorable) adult supervision. Indie producers might find these final three episodes particularly interesting since they're sponsored by Behave Styling Spray.
- The end of an era! I got this message a few days ago from PIECES showrunner Dylann Bobei:
Hello all, it's bittersweet, but today the very last episode of Pieces went live! ...We hope you enjoyed the series and this final episode and whenever we begin work on our next project, we will be sure to let you all know about it.
Watch the 23 minute finale here.  Prepare to be delightfully gobsmacked.
- Emily Bromwell's hilarious romcom (or anti-romcom) indie THE EX-BOX got 25,000 views back at the end of June in its very first week on Dailymotion and has been gaining momentum. I like to cite this one as an example of how much entertainment you can wring out of a girl (Emily), a guy (Adam Kitchen), a camera and a whizz-bang script. Soon, THE EX-BOX will also be available on YouTube and Blip. Congrats, kiddos!
- Did you catch all the Indie shout-outs in the most recent episode of RAGGED ISLE? Very cool.  You may want to watch it again!

JOIN THE LINE:  A limited number of seats have been reserved for fans.
Our friends at EMPIRE have reserved a limited number of seats at their July 17 premiere for fans of the super soapy series (featuring the talents of such daytime royalty as Orlagh Cassidy, Tina Sloan, Yvonne Perry, Lauren B Martin and Ellen Dolan as well as guerrilla performance artist von Hottie).

Fan tix are only $10! With TV and Internet stars in attendance and a red carpet reception, my advice is, if you can only give a shit about one Indie this week, join me for the "live" world premiere of EMPIRE!

The press release:
NEW YORK, NY— Popular Indie Soap Award winning online sudser, “Empire” launches a new teaser promo today, a week ahead of its July 17 season premiere. The promo follows the release of “Empire’s” steamy season four trailer, but while the trailer gives viewers a glimpse at the mysterious and sexy side of the web soap’s new season, the new promo portrays some of the lighter more comedic material that “Empire” has to offer.

A promo within a promo, the new spot introduces the new gossip and entertainment news show featured on “Empire” called TGH. The fictional TGH is a show that in real life would be attracting the audiences of E! News and TMZ. TGH is the brainchild of “Empire’s” mistress of media, Theodora Grant Haven (“Guiding Light’s” Tina Sloan). From the trailer, it is clear that “Empire’s” resident bitch is back.

In addition to Sloan, the new promo features Josh Davis (Jesse), Annalisa Derr (Katherine), Lise Fisher (Rachel), Chris J Handley (Lance), and Nick Lewis (Evan).

Watch the new promo now at If you cannot wait for July 17 to see the new season of “Empire,” the soap will be hosting a Premiere Screening for cast and crew in New York City at the Tribeca Grand Hotel on Saturday, July 14 and a limited number of tickets is now on sale for the public for $10 each. To be among the first to see the new season and party with the cast and crew of “Empire” you can purchase a ticket now at For more information and to tune in, visit,, or on twitter at

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