Sunday, July 1, 2012

NEWS ROUNDUP: B&B's Linsey Godfrey Is Cancer Survivor & Heroine; Televisa USA Launching; Scott Reeves At Stars & Stripes Festival

Soap opera actress Linsey Godfrey from Stuart is cancer survivor, heroine
During the filming of Surface, she was fatigued. She went to several doctors, who prescribed antibiotics, vitamins and B12 shots. When the series wrapped up, Linsey came home to Tallahassee, where the family was living at the time. She still was exhausted.

After fainting three times in one week, the 17-year-old was diagnosed with Hodgkin's lymphoma, a cancer of the lymphatic system. The diagnosis came just a day after Linsey got her first movie role.

But the movie had to wait. Instead of filming, Linsey started chemotherapy.

With a positive attitude about the 85 percent treatment success rate for Hodgkin's Lymphoma, Linsey chose not to be treated at a children's hospital. She felt guilty about getting well in front of kids who might not.

Televisa soaps to cross the border
Televisa USA, as the Los Angeles-based studio will be called, will launch this week with multiple broadcast network deals, including a joint venture with Lionsgate, the global entertainment company, to develop new content for television audiences all over the US.

The move, which comes on the back of Televisa’s successful expansion into markets as far flung as China, also involves adapting content from Televisa’s existing library of Spanish-language soap opera titles, which it claims is the biggest in the world.

J.R. Ewing look-alike capitalizes on appearance
It's J.R.'s propensity for being the man everyone loves to hate that has given Gregg Dickerson, a J.R. look-alike, the hobby of a lifetime.

NPR: Why An Online Soap Opera Mogul Doesn't Want To Go Public
The site is called Drama Fever. It has 2 million viewers and has raised millions of dollars from investors.

In the classic startup story, Seung Bak would would take his company public — sell shares in an initial public offering, ring the bell at the stock exchange, have a big party. But Bak, like lots of young entrepreneurs these days, doesn't want Drama Fever to go public.

Snoop Dogg wants Cheryl Cole to be his CORONATION STREET wife
"People always think I'm playing when I talk about CORONATION STREET, but I swear it's my favorite show on TV. They got everything - sex, murder, transsexuals. There ain't no other show that can touch it. If the producers write a cool storyline for me and Cheryl, I guarantee I will clear my schedule and come do a two-week shoot."

ONE LIFE TO LIVE alum Shenaz Treasurywala has new film on the way
“I do films where I like the script and I liked this script (Main Aur Mr Right). My career as an actress in the U.S. is actually taking off quite well.”

RAGGED ISLE: A Web series set on a fictional Maine island wins at the Indy Soap Awards.
“The show is really inspired by DARK SHADOWS,” says Karen Dodd, who created the series with her husband Barry. Both grew up near the Maine coast and are devoted fans of daytime dramas, as well as iconic nighttime series like TWIN PEAKS and THE X-FILES. The couple started RAGGED ISLE as both an homage to these influences and an exploration of the peculiarities of isolated living off the Maine coast.

South Africa: The timid and ugly state of the SABC
On Monday evening, April 30, SABC1 broadcast a special episode of THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL. The episode was so special that the channel rebroadcast it at the same time on Tuesday.

And then again on Wednesday. Was the retransmission a technical error? A test by the channel to see whether any of its viewers were fully conscious? Or further proof that, at the SABC, someone is always asleep at the switch?

HOLLYWOOD HEIGHTS: A Bold Summer Experiment On Nick At Nite
HEIGHTS is in every way a major experiment for Nick at Nite, from production to scheduling to publicity and promotion.

Fans swoon over GENERAL HOSPITAL star Scott Reeves at Stars & Stripes Festival

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