Tuesday, July 17, 2012

NEWS ROUNDUP: Live Birth During EASTENDERS Olympics Episodes; Aaron D. Spears Football Past; Plus, Tom Degnan, Baby Names, Gaius Charles

Oxon Hill native Aaron D. Spears stars in THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL, chose acting over football
Spears was in his senior year at Delaware State University in Dover when the NFL’s New York Jets extended an invitation for him to try out at training camp. However, an elective course in speech gave him a change of heart.

“There was a play production, and the professor was going to give me a B,” said Spears, 41, who wanted an A to try to maintain his 3.5 GPA. “There was no way out of getting a B unless I joined the production. So I did a little part in the play, and I just fell in love with it, and I turned down the Jets.”

Half of all cell owners use phones while watching TV
According to a new study from the Pew Center for Internet and American Life Project, cell phone owners use their phones to keep themselves occupied during commercial breaks, talk to other people watching the same show, verify whether what they hear on TV is true or not, and to log on to sites to see what other people are saying about a show.

Nickelodeon ratings tumble from loss of carriage on DirecTV
On July 10, the last day Nickelodeon had distribution on DirecTV, its total day audience was about 1.8 million. On July 11, that figure fell 33% to 1.2 million. On Friday, the average was up slightly to 1.3 million. HOLLYWOOD HEIGHTS is running weeknights on Nick-at-Nite.

Baby Names 2012: The Hottest Baby Names Of The Year (So Far)
GAME OF THRONES is apparently influencing baby names.

FRIDAY NIGHTS Gaius Charles joins Season 9 cast of GREY'S ANATOMY
The details regarding Charles’ character are still being worked out, but it stands to reason that he will be playing a young doctor at Seattle Grace.

Darren Criss debuts dramatic new look at Comic-Con
The GLEE star debuted a hairy new look at Comic-Con on July 14, which he attributed to a much-needed summer vacation.

A future for PUSHING DAISIES? Broadway?
Bryan Fuller previewed MOCKINGBIRD LANE at Comic-Con plus teased PUSHING DAISIES.

90210's Ryan Rottman Cast as THE LYING GAME's New Bad Boy
He'll play Jordan, a handsome, athletic, confident teen from Beverly Hills who's new in town and has a secret agenda.

Salon: BUNHEADS is TV’s strangest, sweetest new show
Writes Willa Pasking: "I can’t guarantee that you’ll like it — that depends almost entirely on your patience for watching hyper-stylized dialogue, just dialogue and more dialogue — but it is up to something unique and strange, having abandoned typical ideas about plot, stakes and forward momentum, and replaced them with talking, endless talking. It’s made itself over into the most adorable show with a nihilistic streak probably ever made."

Domino’s launches LOS PASSIONES DE LA FAMILIA VERDURAS mini-series for Mexicano range
Featuring a family of vegetables headed by Don Cebollo, the three part drama shows his chilli son marrying a tomato from a rival family.

ONE LIFE TO LIVE and AS THE WORLD TURNS alum Tom Degnan taps a familiar passion at the Pennsylvania Shakespeare Festival
“His heart and passion for art and to be a good person are so admirable and rare in this business,” says Degnan's former ATWT co-star Marnie Schulenberg, whose fiancĂ©, Zack Robidas, will be sharing the stage with Degnan in “Much Ado About Nothing.” “The Pennsylvania Shakespeare Festival has always been a place for incredibly well-trained artists to go and do the shows they really want to do in a format that makes them creatively challenged, fulfilled and appreciated in a way they hadn’t been before. That’s why people always return, and that’s why I knew Tom would be a great fit here."

EASTENDERS to celebrate Olympics with live birth episode
The live episode of the soap will go out next Monday 23 July at 8 p.m. and 9 p.m. – during what will be EASTENDERS' special Olympics episodes. And not only will Danielle Harold's character Lola go into labor, her granddad Billy (Perry Fenwick) will be busy running with the Olympics torch when it happens.

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  1. I loved Pushing Daisies the series and was POed that it got the ax. Years ago, I had envisioned it being made into the film (still waiting for that Ugly Betty movie too) but it appears that something on the stage might be the version that is produced. I think that would work too.