Tuesday, June 26, 2012

UK INSIDE SOAP SURVEY: Fans Want More Humor, Prefer To Live In Emmerdale

Inside Soap, Britain’s biggest soap magazine, commissioned a study to celebrate its 20th anniversary. The online survey of Inside Soap reader’s measures the impact soaps have on the British public and reveals the nations turn to tradition with the majority preferring a village way of life.

The study reveals that when it comes to lifestyle, Britons would choose living in an idyllic rural setting rather than a demanding city. Nearly half said they would prefer to live in EMMERDALE (41%) than CORONATION STREET (20%) or EASTENDERS (22%).

A turn to traditional values is also revealed in other results with only one in five (20%) of Britons wanting to see more affairs and pregnancy dramas, with 57% of readers instead wanting to see more love stories (30%) and storylines involving the older generation (27%).

80% of participants would also like to see an injection of humor with more funny moments on soap screens.

Further highlights include:

· Despite the preference for country living, London tops the poll for which families Britons would most want to be a member of. EASTENDERS’ Brannings and Mitchells families come out at number one and two, with 19% and 18% respectively

A resounding 89% of Britons prefer tradtional shows, such as CORONATION STREET and EASTENDERS, to scripted reality soaps like TOWIE and MADE IN CHELSEA. Nearly half (42%) of participants feel  CORONATION STREET  is the best soap for reflecting reality. HOLLYOAKS is revealed as the most fictional with only 9.5%.· Only 9% think soaps reflect reality in terms of the recession and just 18% feel the portrayal of real life issues help them.

Steven Murphy, Editor of Inside Soap magazine said:

“As we celebrate our 20 years in soaps, we thought it would be a great opportunity to learn more about how the topical issues raised on screen are affecting our readers. It’s interesting to see how Britons continue to love soaps and their family values, as well as the escapism it provides them with.”

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