Saturday, June 2, 2012

WATCH: DAYBREAK, AT&T Web Series Starring Ryan McPartlin, Ryan Eggold

AT&T has joined with Hollywood heavyweight Tim Kring, creator of the hit shows TOUCH and HEROES, to deliver a new original drama series, DAYBREAK, which follows the exploits of an everyman who is thrust in the middle of a global conspiracy surrounding a mysterious and powerful 12-sided object called a dodecahedron.

The first of five 10-minute webisodes, which feature AT&T’s network and technological innovations, debuted on on Thursday, May 31 with the season finale of FOX’s TOUCH, starring Kiefer Sutherland.

DAYBREAK is linked to TOUCH through the dodecahedron, which appears in the final three episodes of the FOX series’ first season.

Here is the first chapter in the series:

To celebrate, AT&T hosted a premiere part at the Sunset Tower Hotel in Hollywood, CA featuring Daybreak cast members Ryan Eggold (90210), Sarah Roemer, Eugene Byrd, Ryan McPartlin (PASSIONS), and Shannon Lucio.  DAYS OF OUR LIVES stars Kate Mansi and Freddie Smith were both in attendance at the star studded premiere.  Below are photos from the event.

Photo Credit: AT&T/Handout

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  1. Great show if u will give it a change to developed and grow into the great show it could be. Networks pull show before they get a chance to blossom. So don't pull it off the net let grow into what it can be. Great show.