Saturday, June 9, 2012

NEWS ROUNDUP: Kim Zimmer in 'Pal Joey'; CORRIE Musical Will Go On; Over 55 TV Viewers

Kim Zimmer opens in "Pal Joey" at The Barn Theatre June 19
"Pal Joey" plays June 19 – July 1 with performances Tuesday through Friday at 8:00 p.m., Saturday and Sunday at 5:00 p.m., and Saturday at 8:30 p.m.

Watch a video preview below.

CORRIE musical will go on, says producer Trish Ward
The CORONATION STREET musical "Street of Dreams" is turning into a soap opera all of its own. First they changed the dates upsetting fans who had bought tickets, travel and hotel rooms. Then it was panned with terrible reviews. Then it was postponed. Then national treasure Paul O'Grady slammed the musical's producers for not paying staff. Then sources went to the tabloids to report on the "chaos and farce" behind the scenes.

And now? Well, now the musical's composer Trisha Ward has told The Stage that the musical will resume its tour this year, claiming the production is set to be “a box office hit”. She claims that an announcement would be made about the show’s future within four weeks and that she was confident everyone involved would be paid.

More GLEE stars to appear as season 2 mentors on THE GLEE PROJECT
Jane Lynch, Chris Colfer, and Amber Riley will all make their Project debut this year while Darren Criss, who appeared in the first season, will return for an episode as well.

ONE TREE HILL Creator Mark Schwahn Shares the Series Ending That Never Happened
"In my mind, when the show first started, we probably would've ended up in the series finale with a Karen-Keith-Lucas scenario and they would've become the family they never were," Schwahn told at the inaugural ATX Television Festival. "Tonally it never changed for me. I always knew where I wanted to leave the show. I wanted it to be something that the fans invested since Day 1 felt like was speaking to them."

President Obama Has Private Meeting with Young Stars at Beverly Hilton
Hollywood actors -- including Brandon Routh, Ian Somerhalder and Dianna Agron -- join Obama in early-morning meeting at the Beverly Hilton to talk politics.

TV stars on Broadway: Growing trend and winning formula
More and more stars seem to be trading in the Hollywood high life for the big, bright lights of Broadway, even it's for a limited time only.

Ignoring older viewers a mistake
According to Mature Marketplace, the 55 plus age group controls ¾ of America’s wealth. Baby boomers are spending more than nearly $400 billion than any other generation and outspend the average consumer in almost every category, including some of the most advertised categories like entertainment and dining, gifts and furniture, exactly the types of commercials that generally air during prime-time television.

Liza Huber’s Sage Spoonfuls Makes Homemade Baby Food a Cinch
"I started making homemade baby food after my first child was born. I couldn’t find products on the market that made it easy for moms. I had to completely improvise and just pieced a system together. I remember labeling food with masking tape and sharpie pens. I knew there had to be a better way."

Roselyn Sanchez to Baptize Her Daughter in Puerto Rico
Sebella Rose, the first child of Sanchez and actor Eric Winter, was born in January. The couple wed in November 2008 in San Juan.

Alice Cooper on his DARK SHADOWS role
"It is one of those things where if you remember Dark Shadows from when it was a soap opera on television, it was the strangest hit of the time. In the 70’s, think of it, everything was like GENERAL HOSPITAL and ALL MY CHILDREN. It was the same plot formula every single night. All of a sudden there was a sister that came out of nowhere, the niece gets pregnant and all of that. All the same things happened in DARK SHADOWS except they were vampires and they were in the 18th Century."

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