Wednesday, June 6, 2012

NEWS ROUNDUP: Patrick Muldoon Post-DAYS Plans, ATWT Alumns Cast In Film, Chandler Massey On GLAAD Award

Patrick Muldoon lining up post-DAYS OF OUR LIVES projects
Spending time in Nashville working on a solo record. We’re going to do a Sleeping Masses record, too. What’s up next? Since I’ve left DAYS, it’s like a train has suddenly stopped. My appetite for acting is huge right now. I just got cast in a new show with LAW & ORDER's Elisabeth Rohm, so I’m kinda excited about that.

Chandler Massey reflects on DAYS OF OUR LIVES winning GLAAD Award
"The best feedback you can get is the message that work you put into something is reaching somebody,' he said. 'GLAAD honoring the show is just more confirmation that the story is reaching people and, hopefully, changing the way they think about things. Hopefully it's promoting equality among human beings.' Massey hopes that fans who have been drawn to the soap for the gay storyline remain loyal even as Will's character deals with things like the DiMera murder, getting fired from his job, and his ex-girlfriend's pretend stalker. 'I like the other things that are going on,' he says. 'If Will's life suddenly just revolved around him being gay and boy troubles, we wouldn't be telling the story of a young man who is basically the same person but who happens to be gay.'

AS THE WORLD TURNS alums Evan Alex Cole and Peter Vack cast in film
A new batch of actors have been announced for the CBGB movie tracking the history of one of New York City's most iconic spots, which has already confirmed Alan Rickman in the lead role as Kristal. ATWT alumns Evan Alex Cole (ex-Hunter) will play punk style innovator Richard Hell, and Peter Vack (ex-Casey) will play rock historian Legs McNeil.

TRUE BLOOD's Mariana Klaveno to play Lily Munster?
Writer/producer Bryan Fuller (Pushing Daisies) has found his ideal Lily Munster for his darkly comic MUNSTERS reboot, MOCKINGBIRD LANE. There's just one problem — she's already under contract to DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES creator Marc Cherry for his pilot, DEVIOUS MAIDS.

UK: THE ARCHERS is our rustic idyll – don't tamper with it
John Yorke, producer of EASTENDERS, CASUALTY and HOLBY CITY, is now tasked with running THE ARCHERS this summer. He is considering revolutionising the Radio 4 soap, making it "darker and bigger". Ambridge might, just might, be poised to become more like Albert Square.

Is MAD MEN too hard on Jaguar?
Lately, the Jaguar account has been the talk of the show. Don is still uncaring. At one point Pete says to him “Ya know, if I had told you last December we would be in the running for a car, you would’ve kissed me on the mouth.” Don sums up his feelings succinctly talking to Roger when he says “I’m tired of this piddly Sh…I don’t want Jaguar, I want Chevy!” Poor Jaguar. During a sort of test drive Don has to take to satisfy his product research, he tells the salesman that the cars have reliability problems and electrical issues. The salesman replies “We’ve addressed that.” It is a good comeback, but had Jaguar really fixed it? In a later scene a desperate man tries to start a Jaguar and the poor quality actually saves his life. Maybe there are two sides to everything?

Model Live-Tweets Married Actor (Brian Presley Trying To Hook Up With Her On A Plane
Model Melissa Stetten wants you to meet Brian Presley, an actor who is a devout Christian AND is married with a 5-year-old, in the most embarrassing possible way.

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