Thursday, June 28, 2012

NEWS ROUNDUP: Eric Braeden Rumors; Upscale SMASH Viewers; Richard Hatch Honored; New DYNASTY?

Eric Braeden publicist responds to contract rumors
According to the actor's personal publicist, despite what has been reported in other outlets, Braeden is not embroiled in tumultuous negotiations and did not decide to attend the Daytime Emmy Awards this past weekend in order to increase his profile.

With DALLAS a success, will DYNASTY revival be next?
“Joan and Linda are really excited about reviving DYNASTY. The show looks like a definite go as producers work out the details!”

SMASH hires new costume designer
Joseph Aulis jas beem hired to improve the wardrobe.

SMASH brings in upscale cash for NBC
SMASH was also primetime's most-watched drama in homes with annual incomes of more than $100,000, as well as among highly educated households.

Former DAYS OF OUR LIVES Writers Marlene McPherson and Darrell Ray Thomas, Jr. Share Their Belated Emmy Speech
"We are so sorry we were not able to attend the awards show, but are thrilled to have won! We would like to thank [DAYS executive producer] Ken Corday for his endless support and for entrusting us with his family legacy, and [co-executive producer] Greg Meng for always believing in us and having our backs -- we share this award with both of them. Thanks to NBC and Sony for helping keep the genre alive. A very special thanks to the fans -- without their devotion and commitment there would be no show. We also want to thank our amazing cast and crew. And, lastly, we want to thank our mentor and friend, James E. Reilly. We know he is watching over us and smiling."

Richard Hatch to Receive Lifetime Achievement Awards at the 2012 ITVfest and PopCon LA
Hatch played Phil Brent on ALL MY CHILDREN.

Greg Vaughan confirms Hallmark movie casting opposite Alison Sweeney
"Finally signed, sealed & delivered! Starring in a new Hallmark Movie starting Wednesday opposite my girl @Ali_Sweeney!! Gonna be great fun!"

Vaughan may also be headed to DAYS OF OUR LIVES to play Eric Brady per Soap Opera Digest.

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL's Jennifer Gareis having her baby on Friday
Gareis (Donna) is scheduled to deliver her baby girl by repeat C-section on Friday, June 29.


  1. One of the reasons that the new 'Dallas' works is because of JR.
    Could they really pull off a new 'Dynasty' without Blake?

  2. It was such a different dynamic on that show, I don't know. Obviously it would be different. Maybe just after Blake's death, his kids are fighting over the empire. I'm trying to remember how the reunion movie left things. Also, the kids were recast so which actors would you go with if they brought on Fallon and Steven (a must for me)?

  3. I thought Joan and Linda were feuding?

  4. I was wondering who you quoted for the "Dynasty" question. I was hoping that the success of "Dallas" would lead to more revivals, including (my personal favorite) "Knots Landing."

    Joan Collins looks fantastic and I read somewhere she could envision herself playing "Alexis" again as sort of a "puppet master" for a new generation of Carringtons and Colby's, wouldn't that be awesome!

    I don't know why I have such a memory for pop-culture minutia, but as I recall at the height of her popularity; ABC, Aaron Spelling and/or Joan Collins were floating an idea for a "Dynasty" spin-off (this was long before "The Colbys") that would star Joan Collins and I believe it was going to be called "Vixens." I wonder what that was going to be about and if it could be updated and adapted as a vehicle to bring "Alexis" back to TV along with some of the "Dynasty" veteran who are still acting (John James! John James! John James!) and pair it with the next season of "Dallas."