Thursday, May 3, 2012

Susan Lucci Shines on WATCH WHAT HAPPENS LIVE! Brian Frons Named Jackhole of the Day

Susan Lucci was a guest on Bravo's WHAT WHAT HAPPENS LIVE! on Thursday night (along with Mark Ruffalo) and showed the grace and class that we have come to expect from the daytime legend.

In playing "Plead the Fifth," Lucci pleaded to the question about the worst actor in ALL MY CHILDREN history (Lisa Rinna take note). She answered two other questions: 1) She does not blame the popularity of reality television for the cancellation of AMC and 2) Her least favorite storyline was Phil Brent wanting to keep Erica barefoot and pregnant.

She also played a game of trivia against host Andy Cohen called "Anything you Kane do I Kane do better." Andy won.

Lucci later named Brooke as her favorite Erica rival and shared her excitement over her new Investigation Discovery fall show, DEADLY AFFAIRS. She also revealed the fate of her new ABC fall pilot, DEVIOUS MAIDS, would be known in the next week of so (definitely by the upfronts).

At the end, Cohen named Brian Frons the "Jackhole of the Day" for cancelling ALL MY CHILDREN.

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  1. Then why was AMC camcelled SUSAN? Frons said before time came that he intended to get rid of AMC, OLTL & GH. He gets 2 out & leaves. Maybe ABC/D thought we would think that would calm fans down-wrong. We know he works for Disney.I think Erika let her fans down. Sorry, no LA LUCCI cigar.

  2. Susan was talking about shows like Real Housewives and other popular cable reality shows.

    She was so much fun. Sadly what Andy said was true, we now get to see Susan doing a lot more things these days. I'm rooting for her in Devious Maids although no one is calling it a slam dunk pickup.

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  4. Anyone who is in or can be in the NYC area on May 15th should join the SFU/FUABC 2nd Annual Rally at the ABC Upfront meeting. Let the advertisers know we are still here and we want our soaps back. I agree that it isn't the fault of reality tv that caused the cancellations of AMC and OLTL. It was the executives with the deep pockets and empty brains that thought they could get away with it. Guess what? They were wrong!!! #SoapsStillMatter follow this link for details about the rally.

  5. We In Northwest Illinois Love Andy, Mark, & Susan--Yay!

    Brian :-)

  6. Just a few words ABC/Disney Frons may be gone but we are not.We are not going away,It may take 5 years but we will hurt ABC/Disney in viewers if they don't give the rights to Agnes Nixon shows AMC and OLTL so they can come back!!!!!!!!