Monday, April 2, 2012

Industry Split Over Future Of Daytime Emmys

Michael Maloney has written an interesting article about the Daytime Emmys for Variety. Industry insiders are speculating about whether the show will find a broadcast home at a television network or the web this year.

"People will be glad it's happening (if it ends up on the Web)," says DAYS OF OUR LIVES co-executive producer Greg Meng. "But awards shows for Web series should be on the Web. Awards programs honoring the best of television should be on television."

Peter Bergman of THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS attended a non-televised Daytime Emmys in 1984 and says there are advantages to not airing the show.

"The Directors Guild of America Awards isn't broadcast on TV, and it's the nicest awards I've ever been to," he says. "It's done very well."

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL exec producer/head writer Bradley Bell adds, "I'd be happy either way. I love that it's been on primetime all these years, but I wouldn't mind losing some of the commercial aspects of the ceremony and bringing it back to celebrating daytime television."

What do you think? Are the Daytime Emmys better off on the internet? Would they be better not aired at all? Or is all this discussion a moot point if the ceremony doesn't celebrate the best of daytime? Share your thoughts in our Comments section.

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  1. If the Daytime Emmys becomes a live-streaming, web event, then I'd like to see the Academy break it up into something like three separate ceremonies (much like GLAAD does for the awards they give out each year). In the case of "Daytime," it would make sense to do it by "genre," and have one ceremony for Daytime Drama & New Approaches, another for the Talk/Lifestyle/Courtroom/Game shows, and a third covering Children's Programming & Animation. The idea would be to allow each genre within Daytime to expand, and thereby make their indvidual ceremonies more interesting to their specific audience.

    I actually like the idea of the more informal Golden Globes type ceremony with guests sitting at tables. We can cut out all the live entertainment stage extravaganzas and concentrate on actually showing the clips that led to the acting and production nominations, as well as do things like honoring veteran actors and behind-the-scenes talent with lifetime achievement awards, address PSAs within shows and other good works done by daytimers, and of course, show a decent, in memorium segment. - jmho

  2. It should go back to Daytime, it did well in daytime and respected Daytime for 16 yrs. air during a Talk or Game show.