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Six Soap Operas Compete For The Rockies In 2012

The Banff World Media Awards - affectionately known as The Rockies - are an internationally-recognized awards program celebrating the very best in international content production in television and digital media.

The winners of the 2012 Rockies Program Competition will be presented during the Banff World Media Festival, June 10-13, 2012. The Competition includes 21 genre-based categories and 5 interactive categories - a total of 26 distinct categories.

Below are the nominees in the soap opera category:

Soap Operas and Telenovelas

Program or Series TitleTHE WILD
Episode Title1
CategorySoap Operas and Telenovelas
SynopsisSomewhere in the North West province is a game reserve that is "home" to three families bound together by their relationship to this land, and to each other. Influential farmer, Karel van Reenen, has brokered a deal where the Tladi family run and owns a game lodge on the Lebone-owned game reserve. This truce has ended a generation-long feud between these families, but the deep tensions still simmer. The Tladis, once driven into exile, are the original owners of the land, but are now back and wanting justice. The Lebones are wealthy but fear for their future in the face of the Tladis.
Production CompanyMagic Factory
ForElectronic Media Network
Executive ProducersBobby Heaney, Anne Davis & Christel Sampson
ProducersBruce Townsend and Henriette De Villiers
DirectorAlex Yazbek
ScriptwriterRohan Dickson
Main CastShona Ferguson, Connie Fergusion and Ian Roberts
Entrant Country or TerritorySouth Africa
Year of Production2010
Original LanguageEnglish

Program or Series TitleJACKPOT!
Episode TitleEpisode 1
CategorySoap Operas and Telenovelas
SynopsisA group of friends had been playing lottery for the past two years. On New Year´s Eve, when the prize has an extraordinary value, they pick the correct numbers of the lottery and they all become millionaires. They live their dreams but they are also involved in a terrible nightmare because they made a pact: each one has a mission to accomplish within one year; only those who can accomplish their mission shall be entitled to the other half of the prize that is stored in a saving account.
Production CompanyRecord TV Network
ForRecord TV Network
Executive ProducersRecord TV Network
ProducersRecord TV Network
DirectorAlexandre Avancini
ScriptwriterCristianne Fridman
Based on the work ofCristianne Fridman
Main CastAndré Di Mauro, Simone Spoladore, Guilherme Berenguer
Entrant Country or TerritoryBrazil
Year of Production2011
Original LanguagePortuguese

Program or Series TitleTHE PRINCESS' MAN
CategorySoap Operas and Telenovelas
SynopsisThe Princess' Man story starts in 1452. It is a sweeping saga with themes which recall Romeo and Juliet: noble families at war, politics, violence, vengeance and forbidden love. Grand Prince Su Yang has arranged a marriage between his beautiful eldest daughter (Princess Se Ryeong) and General Kim Jong So's youngest son (Kim Seung Yu). In 1453, Grand Prince Su Yang kills General Kim Jong So and betrays his own brother by putting him to death. Fate brings together these two seemingly natural enemies, Kim Seung Yu and Se Ryeong - the "guilty" son and the "wronged" daughter. What will happen?
Production CompanyKBS(Korean Broadcasting System)
Executive ProducersJung-Min, Kim
ProducersHyun-Suk, Park
DirectorNa-Jung, Lee
Entrant Country or TerritoryKorea South
Year of Production2011
Original LanguageThe Korean Language

Program or Series Title30 VIES (30 lives)
CategorySoap Operas and Telenovelas
Synopsis30 Lives follows the life of a teacher, depicting the impact of his special relationship with a student grappling with problems, in a story line set over a period of one to two weeks. The series also chronicles the lives of Vincent's family, friends and colleagues.
Production CompanyAetios Productions inc.
ForSociété Radio-Canada (CBC)
ProducersFabienne Larouche and Michel Trudeau
DirectorFrançois Bouvier
ScriptwriterFabienne Larouche
Main CastGuillaume Lemay-Thivierge, Rémi-Pierre Paquin and Bianca Gervais
Entrant Country or TerritoryCanada
Year of Production2011
Original LanguageFrench

Program or Series TitleLA CASA DE AL LADO
Episode TitleThe House Next Door
CategorySoap Operas and Telenovelas
SynopsisIn the house next door, nothing is what it seems. The apparent perfection of the Conde family, headed by Renato Conde, hides a very different reality. Renato's daughter Ignacia marries Gonzalo Ibañez. This newcomer will search to find the secrets of the Condes. This family will bring their demons out into the public; the seeming victims of this story become the culprits, the apparently innocent, the murderers.
Production CompanyTelemundo Studios
Executive ProducersAurelio Valcarcel Carrol, David Posada
ProducersJairo Arcila
DirectorLuis Manzo, Ricardo Schwarz
ScriptwriterJose Ignacio Valenzuela
Based on the work ofJose Ignacio Valenzuela
Main CastCatherine Siachoque, Gabriel Porras, Miguel Varoni
Entrant Country or TerritoryUSA
Year of Production2011
Original LanguageSpanish

Program or Series TitleLA VIUDA JOVEN [The Black Widow]
Episode TitleEpisode 1
CategorySoap Operas and Telenovelas
SynopsisWith no known family, the Baroness Inma Von Parker is an enigmatic woman of extraordinary beauty. She is suspected of murdering three former husbands; however, no one has ever been able to prove this. She is now suspected of planning the death of her fourth husband. Homicide detective Alejandro Abraham, a rising star in the police department, seeks the truth but secrets arise from his past to threaten his future happiness.
Production CompanyVenevision
Executive ProducersRomina Peña
ProducersSandra Rioboo
DirectorYuri Delgado
Based on the work ofMartin Hahn
Main CastMariangel Ruiz, Luis Geronimo Abreu & Veronica Schneider
Entrant Country or TerritoryVenezuela
Year of Production2011
Original LanguageSpanish

Webseries - Fiction Programs
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