Friday, May 4, 2012

Connie Britton & Peter Berg: The Friday Night Lights Movie Is On!

While chatting with DETAILS Magazine for their May 2012 issue, FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS producer (and Battleship director) Peter Berg is joined by FNL star Connie Britton.   The two of them began talking about the possibility of the FNL movie actually happening. Here are the highlights:

Connie: So, I had a meeting at [FNL EP] Jason Katims' office. And we were talking about something else and I said, "Forget about all that. Is this movie going to happen?" I was sitting on his couch, and he's like, "Look behind you." And I look behind me and it's a wall with a big, huge corkboard on it with all these 3x5 cards. That's what these writers do, they do the whole story on 3x5 cards. He's like, "That's the movie."
Peter: We're doing the movie.
Connie: I was so excited. Then he's, like, "Don't look at it! I don't want you to see it until it's a script." I'm like, "I'd better have a good part in it!"
Peter: F*ck off.
Connie: I mean, seriously. Then I said, "You'd better get Kyle Chandler on board."
Peter: We've got him.

The writer then goes on to ask if rumors that the film would focus on a story inspired by Mike Leach, the former Texas Tech coach who was accused of locking a kid in a closet. Berg wouldn't confirm but did weigh in to such a passionate degree that it's clear he's invested in that storyline. Click here to read the whole DETAILS chat.

Britton is current awaiting word on whether her pilot, the primetime soap opera NASHVILLE, will be picked up by ABC.

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