Friday, May 25, 2012

Grant Aleksander Graduates From Washington and Lee University

GUIDING LIGHT star Grant Aleksander left college more than 30 years ago but returned three decades later to fulfill his lifelong dream of earning a college degree.

Thursday was graduation day for Washington and Lee student Aleksander who played Phillip Spaulding from 1982 on and off until the end of the series in 2009. .

The Theater major left Washington and Lee after his sophomore year to pursue an acting career but says his parents always wanted him to graduate from college. He returned in Fall 2010.

"I always planned to get back and finish," he told WDBJ. "I just didn't know it would take 30 years to get back and do it but my life has been unsual in that way and fantastic. I don't think I would change any of it."

Aleksander is married to Sherry Ramsey. The two met at W and L when they starred in "Hamlet." He played the role of Hamlet, and she played Ophelia. She is now an attorney.

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  1. I can identify with the pride Grant Aleksander must be feeling by accomplishing this fantastic goal he set out for himself. Some 30 years ago, I made two promises to myself. I promised myself that I would finish my collegiate studies in four years time and I would graduate Magna Cum Laude. Little did I know the triple tragedies I would face during those four years. I not only lost both of my parents, but also the dear elderly lady I had taken care of and her 21 room Mid-Victorian house. When faced with these tragedies, I had a 1,000 reasons to quit. But, I presevered. Not only did I keep both my promises, but I was also inducted into the History Honor Society, Psychology Honor Society, the National Honor Society for General Academic Excellence and the Graduate Edducation Honor Society. The biggest plum was an honor I never, expected in attaining-- induction into 'Who's Who Among Students in American Universities & Colleges,' which recognizes the top 10% of college graduates annually.
    My graduation day coincided with the National Day of Mourning for the seven astronauts killed in the Challenger disaster (and Kim Zimmer's birthday, BTW). It was a day I will never forget.
    I congratulate Mr. Aleksander on his remarkable achievement.

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  3. That had to be a real change for him. Back when he was in school there were I think only 6 all male colleges in the country. Three were in Virginia and two of them, W&L and VMI were basically two blocks away from each other in Lexington, VA. Now both schools are coed. One by choice (W&L), and one by Supreme Court decision (VMI).

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  4. I'm sending big congrats to Grant. If one is determined, one is never too old to accomplishing getting a full college education.

    Go, Grant, Go--Yay!

    Brian :-)