Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Daytime Emmy Awards Planning Meeting: Morning Show Final Award Instead of Daytime Drama

HLN, the network that is airing this year's Daytime Emmy Awards on June 23, is live-tweeting their planning meeting today at the Beverly Hilton Hotel. One of the first revelations is that the Outstanding Morning Show (with only two nominees: TODAY versus GMA) will be the final award instead of the Daytime Drama category which has traditionally been last.

HLN also promises a "return to glamor" for this year's ceremony. They also announced that the Outstanding Culinary Program award will be given out on the telecast for the first time.

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  1. Having the talk show category last is yet another slap in the face to daytime dramas and their legacy! This is disgraceful!

  2. appropriate since there are only a couple Dramas left but i dont watch many talk shows because they take away from the great stories tv used to show!!!

  3. There's actually only two morning shows nominated for Outstanding Morning Program. I guess they figure the ratings battle between GMA and Today has made more people interested in who will take home the Emmy.

  4. Lord in the morning this is so stupid! I mean the only real reason I can think is maybe since they are a news branded network they would have that award be last but lets be real the main people for those two shows "GMA and Today" will probably not even be there.

  5. Katie, the producers will probably be. I don't even know who that is off the top of my head but they would be the ones who get the award. I guess most don't know the daytime soap producers other than soap press and the diehard fans. I think we'll actually get a much better show this year, but days of it revolving around the soaps are probably over forever.

  6. I agree Roger and honestly if the show is done well and everyone gets amble rewards and we have less "Go to Vegas its wonderful" then we should be happy. Return of glamour, would be a welcome change from the last few years and maybe we should be happy for that at least.

  7. In the early days it felt more like a "community" of talk shows, game shows, soaps, etc. Like you said, it became an infomercial in recent years. So if the daytime soap stars get honored and we see clips of their work and it feels "nice" then that's all I want. No excuse for it not to be as nice as the Indie Soap Awards with obviously a lot more money and power behind it.

  8. At least with the soap award already announced and accepted, the daytime drama team won't be the one cut-off mid-speech in order to run the closing credits. ;-)

  9. It is so nice that Roger actually corresponds with "us bloggers/posters". I just hope it is less infomercial like and more respectful to the hard work that goes into daytime shows.

  10. Fox, great point!

    SalemStud, it is my pleasure. If it harkens back to the early days of the Daytime Emmys I think everyone involved will appreciate it. Plus, if they're eating and drinking (a la the Golden Globes) it may make the whole experience better.

    For whatever reason, and not the fault of daytime soaps, the non-soap daytime stars have dropped out of the Daytime Emmys in recent years. If Ellen, Oprah, etc would have kept going, the ratings might have been higher.

  11. This is terrible. The category, Outstanding Daytime Drama Series, is supposed to be the last award whoever's presenting.;( I cannot believe this!=(

  12. I hope that the executive producers of "The 39th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards" are joking, where them getting the category, Outstanding Talk Series, to be the last award is concerned. Those new rules there seem overwhelming to me.:(

  13. I am sure that I read wrong, HLN would not put the Outstanding Morning Show as the last Emmy Award of the evening!! Everyone knows that Outstanding Drama Series is the award that all of the viewers are waiting to see and that is the most important. Please to change the awards order, this part of the Emmy awards is not broken.