Wednesday, May 2, 2012

NEWS ROUNDUP: Susan Lucci Blames Brian Frons, Michael Park To 'Tuck', Bree Williamson Joins HAVEN

Susan Lucci blames Brian Frons; excited about the future.
“We shot the [DEVIOUS MAIDS] pilot and everyone was very hands-on. Marc [Cherry] was on the set at all times. It’s pretty hilarious. In a few weeks, after the upfronts on May 15, we should know for sure.”

Her other role as host of DEADLY AFFAIRS is equally delicious, albeit more ironic. It’s reenactments of the crimes of passion committed by real-life Erica Kanes.

To seduce her into taking the gig, Schleiff, she said, “showed up at our first meeting with a full-sized cardboard Erica Kane with blood all over her hands. It was love at first sight.”

Speaking of blood, what about ex-ABC daytime president Brian Frons, who killed ALL MY CHILDREN?

“Yes, I blame him for ending ALL MY CHILDREN and the viewers do, too. But the viewers simply weren’t there anymore.”

Celebrity Photographer Travis Jourdain Lands U/5 Role on THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS
Jourdain has decided to jump back into the acting business after taking a break for a while, and within 2 weeks back in the biz he landed a role on Y&R.

GLEE is doing Taylor Swift and more info from the TV Academy panel
In two weeks Dot Marie Jones sings 'Mean' by Taylor Swift with Mark [Salling]."

ATWT alum Michael Park tweets news of next project
"Looks like 'Tuck Everlasting' (new musical) is happening next spring! Asked to play Pa Tuck."

ONE LIFE TO LIVE alum Bree Williamson joins cast of HAVEN for Season 3
Williamson will play Claire – HAVEN's resident psychiatrist.

LUCK Was A $35M Stumble For HBO
HBO took a $35M impairment charge for its ill-fated series LUCK, about race-track gamblers and starring Dustin Hoffman, which was cancelled in March — midway into production for its second season.

Netflix, Yahoo Take Note: Amazon to Develop Original Comedy, Children's Series
Amazon will soon join the likes of Hulu, Netflix and Yahoo in producing original episodic programming for the web as Amazon Studios, its content development division, will begin to develop comedy and children's series.

He will play the president in the cable network's six-hour drama event, premiering July 15.

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