Thursday, April 26, 2012

SOAPnet Airing BROTHERS & SISTERS Mother's Day Marathon On May 13

For those who still have SOAPnet, the network is airing a Mother's Day marathon with the Walkers as SOAPnet celebrates “Mothers, Brothers & Sisters” marathon on Sunday, May 13, 3–7 p.m.. The four hour marathon features mother-themed episodes of BROTHERS & SISTERS.

BROTHERS & SISTERS follows the lives of The Walker Family who include: Nora Walker, her brother Saul and her grown children Sarah, Kitty, Tommy, Kevin, and Justin. The Walkers are a fiercely loyal, loving and bickering family. Friends as much as siblings, while they may often disagree, they always support each other through joy and heartache. But when the father they love and respect suddenly dies, secrets slowly unravel that serve to test the family and their business, to its limits. 


3 p.m. – BRS2008-052 – “It’s Not Easy Being Green” – Sarah struggles with being a working single mother, especially when Paige wants to wear a grown up outfit to a party.

4  p.m.  – BRS2008-053 – “Owning It” – With motherhood around the corner, Kitty’s torn on whether to take a new job. As a result of her anxiety, when the family throws her a baby shower, it erupts in typical Walker drama; Kitty asks Nora to be in the delivery room with her when the baby’s born.

5  p.m.  – BRS2008-055 – “Troubled Waters Part 1” – Kitty is furious when their birth mother goes into labor and Robert is at a press conference to announce his run for governor instead of the hospital.

6  p.m.  – BRS2008 – 056 – “Troubled Waters Part 2” – Still angry with Robert, Kitty’s stunned to learn that he suffered a heart attack as their new son was being born; Even though Robert’s health has improved, as Kitty brings Evan home from the hospital, she comes to the realization that she’ll be raising him alone.  

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