Thursday, April 5, 2012

NEWS ROUNDUP: DAYS Fashion, Mark Deklin, DALLAS Will Honor Past, British Soap Awards

Which fashion trends do the young cast of DAYS OF OUR LIVES like least?
“The thing I hate the most that people wear are those Affliction shirts,” said resident hunk Schuyler Yancey, who plays Cameron on the show. “Guys wearing those shirts or any kind of bedazzled jeans makes me want to vomit.”

His co-star, Casey Deidrick, was also quick to give his cents on this flashy fashion fad. He quipped, “If you wear studded shirts, just take it off. Anytime I see someone wearing Ed Hardy, I just want them to take it off immediately!”

Tristan Rogers joins cast of web series THE TEAM
Crystal Chappell is also in the cast.

British Soap Awards 2012: The Shortlist

Jennifer Love Hewitt’s CLIENT LIST equal parts sex and silly
Hewitt's character starts crushing on her hunky brother-in-law, played by former ALL MY CHILDREN actor Colin Egglesfield.

Lisa Rinna representing Depends "Silhouette for Women"

TNT's DAllAS plans to 'honor the past'
“We knew going in, if we didn’t get this right and honor the past properly, the show’s very loyal, vocal fan base would toss us aside very quickly,” exec producer Michael Robin says. “But I don’t think that’s going to be the case. We worked hard to make sure there’s truth to the show’s past and a credible evolution of where this whole gang and world is 18 years later.”

GCB's Mark Deklin excited about his character and the show
"Episode-wise, my favorite two are actually coming up, so I can’t talk too much about them because I don’t want to give anything away. I can tell you that it’s episodes seven and eight, and by that point we had established who Blake was and could start having fun with it. So those are my two biggest sort of comedic episodes and I had a blast shooting them. Miriam [Shor] and I were able to get really wacky and go over-the-top."


  1. I Love Mark Deklin. He Is So Cute!

    Brian :-)

  2. Very excited for the British Soap Awards, I'll be watching on ITV, go Jo Joyner and EastEnders! :D

  3. The British Soap Awards are always a fun show.

    Pulling for;

    Ace Bhatti as Villian of the Year. Dr. Yusef Khan was an evil SOB and so deliciously played by Bhatti.

    Emmett J. Scanlan as Best Actor.

    Best Single Episode: Pat the End of an Era. Even if you don't watch or know EastEnders, the death of Pat episode(s) were great television drama.

  4. Good choices. I'm usually very biased and vote for EastEnders in all categories, but I voted Danny Miller for Best Actor this year.