Tuesday, April 24, 2012

NEWS ROUNDUP: Jack Scalia, P&G, Easter Bonnet Competition, Francophrenia, Linsey Godfrey

Forbes: The Perfect Marketing Strategy for Soap, Soda, and Startups
Just as P&G ended its run producing soap operas, the much larger and broadly-diversified company had another audience to reach, this time to sell Gillette razors, Tag body spray, and Head & Shoulders shampoo. This audience was the new breed of man who participated more heavily in housework and child-rearing across the board, often while his wife went to work.

T2012 EASTER BONNET Competition Raises $3,677,855 for BC/EFA
Daytime and primetime soap stars Ricky Martin, Judith Light, Michael Urie and Nick Jonas were among the many talents who participated this year.

James Franco and Ian Olds on Francophrenia, Lip-Synching to Selena Gomez, and ‘Superficial’ Bloggers
"I try to get a lot of attention, but I try to spread the attention around, to get people interested in the things I’m interested in — like the show about art openings. But I agree. One thing that made the MOCA project most interesting is that I was on the inside: I could get ABC and MOCA and GENERAL HOSPITAL together to do a project like this, whereas Andy Warhol could only get one episode of THE LOVE BOAT, and Chris Burden could only buy eight seconds of a local station for his piece."

Kalup Linzy: My Epic Love Affair With The Soap Opera
"My obsession with the soap opera was in full blossom by the time I entered junior high school. When I wasn't interested in cartoons or escaping into the woods with my cousins in my hometown Stuckey, Florida, I would sit with my grandmother and watch the stories."

Drama League Nominees
"Newsies" is one of the many shows nominated.


Former soap writer Michael Malone on fiction and facts
"I have never known a fiction that didn't have facts in it. But the fundamental point about telling stories is those facts are no excuse for fiction," Malone told the Duke Chronicle. "Just because it's a real story doesn't make it a good story. I worry we sometimes lose that distinction."

Godfrey and Hapka complete line-up for The Julep.
THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL star Linsey Godfrey, a Hodgkin's Lymphoma survivor and her long-time boyfriend DAYS OF OUR LIVES star Mark Hapka now complete the celebrity line-up for The Julep, benefiting the James Graham Brown Cancer Center.

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