NEWS ROUNDUP: CORRIE's Bill Roache Battling Pneumoni; Tamara Braun Proud Of Daytime Work

Tamara Braun proud of her daytime work, would consider another soap role
"The storyline I was in with Eden Riegel (who played Bianca Montgomery) was nominated for a GLAAD Award, and I feel very proud of the work that Eden and I did portraying the first same-sex married and parenting couple. We tried to bring honesty and integrity to the story we were given. I was so proud of the show for bringing the issue to the forefront and for being a part of it."

"Daytime changed my life and taught me to become a better actress. If the right role and situation presented itself, then I would be open to it."

CORONATION STREET veteran Bill Roache is ­recovering from pneumonia
Speaking to The People a source said: "Everyone was concerned for him but he's such a battler and he never lets ­anything get a hold of him. Pneumonia can be a killer for older people but Bill has always taken care of his health and well-being and that's why he's in such remarkable shape. He's planning a party to celebrate his 80th birthday and wild horses wouldn't keep him away from that. He can't wait to be with his family and friends."

SMASH's Jaime Cepero: 'Ellis Is Probably Going to Be Even More Hated!'
"I think every show needs a villain, because without conflict there’s nothing to watch on a one-hour drama. There’s quite possibly going to be a bit of a triangle thing between me, [Eileen] and Nick (Thorsten Kaye). [Cepero proceeds to demonstrate a scarily spot-on impression of Kaye's bassy brogue.]"

Has Oprah Become Irrelevant? And Where Will She Go Now?
"Oprah is basically liberal America's mom—she's wise and lovable and spiritual and corny in exactly the way a mom should be. And now she seems to be going through some kind of national-scale empty-nest syndrome (our new mom is Jon Stewart). And it's distressing."

CBS sets 'Good Wife' home decor line
CBS has inked its first licensing deal for THE GOOD WIFE, in the form of a new line of home decor overseen by set decorator Beth Kushnick that Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams and Interlude Home will produce in the fall. he products, to include furniture, lighting and accessories, will be shown off this weekend at the High Point Market furniture trade show in North Carolina.

25 defining moments of Fox's 25 years
7. 'BEVERLY HILLS 90210' - Established a new genre -- the teen soap -- then an almost equally successful spinoff, "Melrose Place," for the viewers who had aged out of the original.

Fox at 25: A quarter-century of risk-taking
The DuMont Television Network had folded in 1956, and in the 30 years since, there were many attempts to launch a viable fourth network. A handful actually got on the air for a little bit before going away, but most of them — like Paramount's mid-'70s attempt to build a network around a new "Star Trek" series — were killed in the planning stage.

Dick Clark's remains cremated; further service plans not finalized
Clark, 82, suffered a heart attack Wednesday while at St. John's Hospital in Santa Monica, California, for an outpatient procedure, Shefrin said. Attempts to resuscitate Clark were unsuccessful, he said.

Amber Tamblyn Back for HOUSE Finale
Add Amber Tamblyn‘s Martha Masters to the handful of familiar faces who will be on hand for the series finale of Fox’s HOUSE, airing May 21.

GLEE to Air Super-Sized [Spoiler]-Themed Episode on May 15
Fox is combining the show’s 20th and 21st installments into one, two-hour episode on Tuesday, May 15.

But it’s the first of those two hours — which finds New Directions planning for the annual competition — that is likely to generate the most watercooler chatter. That’s because in the midst of rehearsing their new routine, Tina (Jenna Ushkowitz) suffers a mild head injury and begins to experience a different — yet oddly familiar — alternate reality.

Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly slams GLEE’ for transgender teen storyline: ‘kids might go out and experiment’
“Here's the problem with a show like this, though,” O’Reilly said in the segment of his Thursday night show, flagged by the advocacy group Media Matters. “If you make the behavior of these people ... if children hear it, unsupervised children, okay who don't have parents watching their -- they might go out and experiment with this stuff.”

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