Sunday, April 1, 2012

NEWS ROUNDUP: SAG-AFTRA 'Message F---in' Delivered'; Hillary B. Smith Among Hollyweb Winners; Gay Cowboy Mark Deklin

Ex-AFTRA President to Merger Opponents: 'Message F---in' Delivered'
That 82 percent is "a major 2-by-4 across the mule's head," John Connolly told THR.

Second man arrested in EASTENDERS' Gemma McCluskie murder probe
Detectives investigating the killing detained a 35-year-old man on Friday on suspicion of being concerned in the murder. Today, he was released on police bail pending further inquiries until a date in May.

Miss McCluskie’s brother, Tony McCluskie, 35, appeared at Thames Magistrates’ Court on March 12, charged with her murder. He was remanded in custody to appear at the Old Bailey at a future date.

GCB's Mark Deklin: 'I should have played a gay cowboy years ago. It's one of my favorite roles'
"Going into this, I love Blake, I'm very fond of this character, but he's in the closet which obviously a lot of people wouldn't approve of. Truthfully, I don't really approve of that choice. But I understand it now. I'm so fond of this character, I've grown really protective of him and I'm so in love with the marriage between Blake and Cricket."

Sounds of Rick Springfield to liven Snakepit Ball
Springfield has been tapped to entertain the race-eve revelers May 26 at the 2012 Regions 500 Festival Snakepit Ball, presented by Cindy and Paul Skjodt.

WHERE ARE THEY NOW: J. Eddie Peck to co-host Miss Kemah/Miss Kemah Teen Pageant
Peck will be joined by co-host and former Miss Texas USA Nicole O'Brian Lassiter.

Felicia Day Shifts to Producing Role with New YouTube Channel
"The opportunity YouTube offered -- where you could go in and pitch a slate of series -- made me start thinking about what I'm doing in a much different way. It opened up the idea that I could start a network from scratch in a sense and be able to really expand; it became absolutely my 100 percent focus. I like to think of it like a start-up company, but web video is our product."

WWE Star John Cena Stands Up Against Bullying
"I'm one of those guys that gets cheered, but also gets booed. Those who don't like me, severely don't like me," Cena told the Associated Press on Friday. "Usually your first instinct is to lash out at these people. ... but I believe you always need to turn a negative into a positive."

2012 Hollyweb Festival Award Winners Announced

Song Mystery: The Missing Woman Behind 'I Believe in Love' Is Former AS THE WORLD TURNS actress
In 1970, Nina Hart (ATWT's Meredith Halliday) worked as a secretary at Golden Bough Productions, a New York City music-publishing company that specialized in advertising jingles. Everything changed for Hart on a summer day in 1970. She was walking through Central Park in her hippie-chic fringe vest, her long brown hair parted down the middle, when a female photographer approached her and asked if she'd like to audition for a film by Milos Forman.

Hart jumped at the chance to meet the famous Czech director, who was in New York casting his first American feature. She played two songs for him, and he liked them enough to invite her to a massive audition sequence, when she joined dozens of aspiring singers, including Carly Simon and a then unknown Kathy Bates. Forman wound up splicing scenes from the audition throughout the film, but Hart's performance of "Love" was so strong, so searing, that he decided to use it for the opening credits. "I liked it the best," Forman said. "It's as simple as that."

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