Top 3 Reasons Why We Love Soaps Loves GCB

GCB has gotten off to an enjoyable, if uneven, start. After four episodes there are many things we like, including the creative way the episode titles get worked into scenes and well cast guest stars like KNOTS LANDING's Donna Mills. There are also some things we love that show great potential if the show gets renewed by ABC and given a chance to grow. Here are our Top 3:

3. The Show Has Heart.
On the surface, GCB seems like pure camp, full of outrageous outfits, funny one-liners and silly situations. But it is the quiet moments that we love most. Whether it be a quiet moment of generosity, sacrifice or self-realization, these "moments" are what give GCB its greatest potential and the type of scenes necessary to make a good soap opera. For example, in last week's episodes Amanda quit her job helping relaunch an old Caruth-Reilly Company brand of jeans not because it wasn't a great career opportunity, but because she knew her involvement was causing Cricket personal pain. She made that gesture without Cricket, someone who hasn't exactly been friendly to her, even knowing why. This is the type of plot point that makes us like the characters and appreciate the show even more.

2. The White Marriage Storyline.
To the outside looking in, Blake and Cricket has a picture perfect marriage. There's just one twist: Blake is gay and Cricket is okay with it! They are best friends who have entered into this mutually beneficial arrangement and keep each other's secret. When they want sex, Blake hires "ranch hands" for his farm outside of Dallas, and Cricket hires personal trainers. The writers have taken an interesting subject matter and explored various facets of it already. One week Carlene surmised they were having "problems in the bedroom" which lead to dialogue about the ramifications of the secret being exposed. Last week, Cricket became jealous of Blake's budding friendship/working relationship with Amanda, not because there was any chance of a sexual encounter, but because she worried about losing her best friends. This is fascinating stuff.

1. Annie Potts and the Entire Cast.
Gigi Stopper and Annie Potts are the perfect match of character and actor. What a treat to see Potts in this type of role. The rest of the cast blends together well including our SWINGTOWN favorite Miriam Shor. Throw in Amanda's adjustment in moving back home that Leslie Bibb is playing almost Marilyn Munster-esque (she seems to be the only normal grown up at times) and Kristin Chenoweth's sexed-up but earnest Christian, Carlene Cockburn, and you have all kinds of options for hilarity and drama.

Are you watching GCB? If so, tell us what you think.

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  1. I'm enjoying GCB as well - and I hope ABC gives it a second season.

  2. I love GCB for all of your stated reasons. Plus, it's just plain fun and funny.

  3. I was on the fence about GCB but this past week sold me. Nt only was it great to see the exquisite ANnie Potts given something substantial to do but I also felt like they finally found their rhythm. I was really happy to see Cricket given some dimension and am seriously hoping it gets renewed!