Friday, April 13, 2012

NEWS ROUNDUP: Husbands, Y&R Casting News, Moonves Makes $69.9M, Fat Betty

How television portrays the 'wife'
Army, prison, mob, sister, footballers: These are the first words of television show titles in which wives is the second word. There’s THE GOOD WIFE; then, if she’s not good enough, WIFE SWAP. There’s DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES, but who cares any more, because now we have THE REAL HOUSEWIVES franchise (granted, it is the desperate housewives who seem real and the real housewives who seem desperate, but that’s why we have adages about truth and fiction). There are Housewives in Orange County, New York City, Atlanta, New Jersey, Beverly Hills, Miami and now Vancouver; that Canadian debut was the highest-rated premiere in Slice network history, drawing 1.2 million North American viewers.

There is one show called HUSBANDS and it’s the Indie Soap Award-nominated web series in which all the husbands are men.

CBS Chief Les Moonves' 2011 Haul: $69.9M
In a year when its stock rose 42.5%, CBS chief executive Leslie Moonves reaped the benefits of his efforts, raking in $69.9 million in total compensation in 2011, most of that in bonuses and option awards, according to documents filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission Friday.

MAD MEN: Watch the Fat Betty Music Video

Why Did MAD MEN Air Footage of Don in Reverse?
Midway through the April 8 episode, Don wakes up from a nap to answer the door at his apartment. A minute later, after unceremoniously dismissing his guest, Don crawls back to bed—in what is, if you’re looking carefully, a rather familiar manner.

'Social Network' star tapped for Aaron Sorkin drama THE NEWSROOM
Jesse Eisenberg — who played Mark Zuckerberg in The Social Network, which earned Sorkin an Oscar for writing – has a small voiceover role in the premiere episode that bows June 24. His voice is easily recognized as a key “newsmaker.”

THE VAMPIRE DIARIES EP Julie Plec previews remainder of season (starting with next week's 'epicness')
“We really wanted to turn the tables on the audience and redirect the stakes — literal and figurative — back onto our heroes and have them realize we’ve been trying to kill Klaus for so long, now there’s a possibility that he can never die without us dying along with him.”

DOWNTON ABBEY Carries On Through The Roaring 20s [PHOTOS]
Unfortunately, a crucial character perishes. “Somebody will be born, and somebody will die, somebody pretty key in the cast, unfortunately not going to make it,” US exec producer Rebecca Eaton divulged, without saying who would pass away. ”It’s the 1920s now.”

FRINGE Fringe Stars Talk Finale ('We Shot Two Endings'), Drop Clue About Season 5 Storyline
Fox’s FRINGE, which for four years now has traded in dual universes, doppelgängers and shape-shifting body doubles, is fittingly prepping alt versions of its Season 4 finale, as Fox and Warner Bros. TV continue to negotiate the possibility of a Season 5.

Shonda Rhimes on SCANDAL, D.C. “Fixers,” and Her Own Private Oval Office
"What was really beautiful about WEST WING was that it idealized politics and it made you feel like there were people in this country working for a higher purpose. SCANDAL is more about the fact that everybody, everybody has a dirty little secret and that even the people that you revere are horribly, horribly flawed. I think that West Wing was a brilliant, brilliant show. What these two shows have in common is that they are set in Washington, and that is pretty much it."

Will You Miss DVDs When They're Gone?
The latest indication that a disc-less future is already here comes in a study released last week by trade publication IHS Screen Digest (available behind a paywall here). According to the study, streaming viewing of movies will overtake disc viewing this year. IHS Screen Digest projects that there will be 3.4 billion online viewings of movies this year (and that's just the paid, legal ones), more than double the 1.4 billion streams and downloads tracked in 2011. By contrast, disc views will number 2.4 billion, down a bit from 2.6 billion views last year.

United Arab Emirates station yanks GAME OF THRONES off the air mid-episode over nudity
Viewers in the United Arab Emirates were left staring at blank screens Monday night after the their television service provider cut the show off in the middle of a second season episode, claiming the nudity in the show violates UAE law.

Y&R is aging the characters of Summer and Fen
The show has issued casting calls for 18-year-old actors who can play 15 or 16, and will begin auditions for the recurring roles next week. Phyllis and Nick's daughter is being described as fiesty and fun budding beauty, who is a typical teenager, while Michael and Lauren's son is an all-American good kid who is returning from boarding school and having some issues adjusting to life back home.

Kevin G. Schmidt back to Y&R as Noah
"Guess who's back, ba da ba, back again, ba da ba, "Noah's" back, ba da ba, retweet your friends! @Official_YandR"

HuffPo's Cavalli to guest on Y&R
Restless Style is going to have some competition when The Huffington Post's Karla Cavalli appears on THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS as Bev, a tabloid reporter who locks horns with Phyllis. The actress and hostess will be in episodes on Monday, April 16, and Tuesday, April 17.

Ryan O'Neal unhappy with Oprah's OWN
The 70-year-old Hollywood star -- who starred with his famous daughter on RYAN AND TATUM: THE O'NEALS -- was out in L.A. yesterday when we asked how he felt about O's admission that she wasn't ready to launch her network. O'Neal replied, "I wish we had known that ... she should have told us."

Jesse Plemons, Yvonne Zima to speak at CLU April 25
FNL's Plemons and Y&R's Zima will speak at 7 p.m. Wednesday, April 25, in Preus-Brandt Forum on the Thousand Oaks campus. Actor, writer and director Markus Flanagan, who teaches at CLU, will moderate an informal one-hour discussion on the craft of acting followed by a question-and-answer session with the audience.

Former AS THE WORLD TURNS actor Dominic Fumusa Loves "Ninth and Joanie"
In the show, directed by Mark Wing-Davey, he plays Michael, who returns to the the South Philadelphia home where he grew up and reconnects with his dad and brother after his mother's funeral, with unhappy consequences. "As an actor, you have to live with your part, and what happens to my character during the play really gave me pause when Mark offered me the role," says Fumusa.

CCOKC - Child Celebrities Opposing Kirk Cameron

Bryan Fuller talks 'Munsters' reboot 'Mockingbird Lane'
"We’re not doing bolts in the neck and Bela Lugosi. It’s almost the Real Housewives of Transylvania. These are a blinged-out representation of what monsters would be doing if they lived in our society today. How they would look, how they would interact. Our wardrobe is heavily influenced by Alexander McQueen and his use of animal textures."

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