Thursday, March 8, 2012

Major DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES Character Dies Sunday--Identity Revealed

Back in late January, revealed the news that a major character on DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES would die during the March 11 episode of the long-running ABC soap. The identity of the character was to remain secret until the episode premiered. But the details trickling out of testimony at the Nicollette Sheridan wrongful-termination trial in Los Angeles have messed with that plan: The news of the character’s identity leaked out today in the ongoing court battle. Find out who dies below (SPOILER ALERT: Don't read if you want to be surprised):

James Denton's sexy plumber Mike Delfino is the one leaving the show, just about two months shy of the show’s series finale. Delfino meets his demise via an encounter with the mob, which echoes troubles his character dealt with earlier in the series.

Denton tells "In [the] beginning of the episode it says, 'In 24 hours, one of these people will be dead.' In the teaser that night it’s Mrs. McCluskey, Bree, Tom’s new girlfriend Jane, Gaby and Carlos’ daughter Juanita, and my character, Mike Delfino, so it’s a wide shot of the neighborhood. Throughout the episode, each of them has a near brush with death. They’re all very funny."

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