Today in Soap Opera History (March 4)

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1953: On THE GUIDING LIGHT, the case of California versus Kathy Lang Grant began. This was 13 years before the setting of the show would move from Selby Flats (a suburb of Los Angeles) to Springfield. Kathy (Susan Douglas Rubes) was on trial for the murder of Bob Lang that she supposedly committed on September 12, 1952. Watch the episode below.

1970: On ANOTHER WORLD, Alice insisted seeing Steve with Bernice had nothing to do with seeing Chris in a new light.

1975: Robert J. Stevenson, the actor who appeared in the first episodes of DAYS OF OUR LIVES as a cop who brought Julie to the police station for shoplifting, died of a heart attack. He had given up acting in the late 1960s and was serving as a Los Angeles City Councilman representing the 13th District at the time of his death. His wife took over his seat on the Council. Watch his appearance on the premiere episode of DAYS below.

1981: Lee Patterson aired for the final time as Kevin on TEXAS.

1986: Bert Bauer died on GUIDING LIGHT.

1993: On THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS, Ryan and Victoria visited their therapist again.

1996: On ALL MY CHILDREN, Maria and Taylor had words.

2008: Shawn Christian debuted as Daniel Jonas on DAYS OF OUR LIVES.

Celebrating a birthday today are:
John Aprea (ex-Lucas/Alexander, ANOTHER WORLD; ex-Manny, KNOTS LANDING; ex-Jack, FALCON CREST) - 71
Ronn Moss (Ridge, THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL) - 60
Steven Weber (ex-Graham, BROTHERS & SISTERS; ex-Kevin, AS THE WORLD TURNS) - 51
Daniel Roebuck (ex-Leslie, LOST) - 49
Nick Stabile (ex-Dean, DAYS OF OUR LIVES; ex-Gabe, SAINTS & SINNERS; ex-Fox, PASSIONS; ex-Dave, UNDRESSED; ex-Mark, SUNSET BEACH) - 41
Jessica Heap (Eden, THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS) - 29
Scott Michael Foster (Jonas, THE RIVER; ex-Cappie, GREEK) - 27
Joshua Bowman (Daniel, REVENGE; ex-Max, MAKE IT OR BREAK IT; ex-Scott, HOLBY CITY) - 24
Cody Longo (ex-Nicholas, DAYS OF OUR LIVES; ex-Nicky, MAKE IT OR BREAK IT) - 24
Andrea Bowen (Julie, DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES) - 22

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  1. Big birthday congrats today to great past & present soap stars--yay!

    Brian :-)