NEWS ROUNDUP: Jacqueline MacInnes Wood Cast In ARROW Pilot; THE REVOLUTION Exec Producer J. D. Roth: I Did Not Kill Erica Kane

Jacqueline MacInnes Wood joins ARROW pilot
According to Green Arrow TV, Jacqueline MacInnes Wood has just signed on to play Sarah Lance in the new CW pilot ARROW. Wood is best known for her role as Steffy Forrester in the CBS soap THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL.

Since Wood won’t be leaving the CBS soap, it’s presumed that she will have a guest starring role in the pilot. Wood confirmed her role to play Sarah Lance via a tweet.

THE REVOLUTION exec producer J. D. Roth: I did not kill Erica Kane
"I did not kill Erica Kane. I have a lot of respect for the art of the soap opera and the storytelling. But remember, I make TV shows, I don't program them. I didn't know this was going to replace the soaps until - and this is no exaggeration - five minutes before the press release went out."

THE REVOLUTION's Renewal Chances Slim After Series Lows, GENERAL HOSPITAL's Look Better
THE REVOLUTION is down 40% from ONE LIFE TO LIVE's numbers. Even with those mediocre ratings, given the cost structure of producing a talk show vs. a soap, THE REVOLUTION still may make sense financially for ABC. But the network’s executives don’t feel strong enough about the middling newcomer to kill its only remaining daytime drama for it, completely alienating soap fans who are already miffed by ABC’s decision last year to yank AMC and OLTL.

Jesse Metcalfe promises steamy DALLAS scenes
"Is there a lot of sex in the show? All the love scenes are very much a part of the story, they're very much justified. We're hoping DALLAS is going to be huge and the new cast, the younger generation can bring in a new audience. The entire original cast have been warm and welcoming to all of us, especially Larry, Linda and Patrick."

Ken Howard to Join Delta Burke, Margo Martindale in ABC's COUNTER CULTURE Pilot
Howard, most recently seen on Y&R, will play the husband of Margo Martindale, who is one of three sisters (along with Delta Burke and Kerri Kenney) who run a Texas diner.

The Return of MAD MEN and the End of TV's Golden Age
"In 1927, God, or a 15-year-old Utahan named Philo T. Farnsworth, invented television. And it was … OK. Seventy years or so passed in relative adequacy. FATHER KNOWS BEST begat ALL MY CHILDREN. There were cults of Johnny Carson (son of Jack Paar, son of Steve Allen, son of Esau) and spinning Wheels of Fortune. The false apostate Willis was questioned. Grits were kissed."

GENERAL HOSPITAL Update: Is it Still on Life Support?
"Seeing Robin in that bed at the end of Monday's episode was the first time GH has really "wowed" me since that unforgettable moment in May 1980 when Edward Quartermaine sprang back to life after faking a heart attack and shocked his daughter Tracy (and millions of viewers, as well) after she had refused to give him his medication because he wouldn't change his will."

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