Tuesday, March 27, 2012

NEWS ROUNDUP: Daytime Emmy Awards in Jeopardy; Barbara Walters Host Betty White Roast; ARCHERS Controversy

Daytime Emmy Awards in Jeopardy
The Daytime Emmy nominations will be announced May 4, but so far no network has agreed to air the ceremony. A rep for the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences claims negotiations are still in play, but insiders say a live Internet feed may be more likely than a telecast. The awards, even if they're a no-cameras affair, are expected to take place June 23 in Beverly Hills.

Barbara Walters will serve as roastmaster for the Friars Club sendup of comedy icon Betty White on May 16
White has said of the roast at Manthattan’s Sheraton Ballroom: “It will be an afternoon filled with dirty words, risque jokes and sex talk . . . and that’s just what I plan on saying.”

As Netflix Talks End, TERRA NOVA Looks Officially Over
Despite an 11th hour attempt by Netflix to keep the show alive, a deal could not be reached and the show's producers are ready to throw in the towel.

Attack on THE ARCHERS leads to debate over multiculturalism
Radio Five DJ Richard Bacon has ripped open a can of worms after laying into that national institution, The Archers. He described Radio 4's pastoral soap opera as "humdrum" and middle-class, prompting an unexpected debate about multiculturalism in Britain.

DAYS star Bryan Dattilo previews what's ahead for Lucas and Sami
"They actually have the intercourse. I can tell you it happens a lot sooner than you think. That’s about all I can say. Yeah, I was kind of surprised at how quick it happened."

HOLLYOAKS confirms former EASTENDS producer Kathleen Beedles is joining the soap's creative team
Beedles has landed the position of story consultant at the Channel 4 show and began work at the program's base in Liverpool yesterday.

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  1. SFN did such a great job streaming the Indie Soap Awards, I think you guys would do a terrific job with the Daytime Emmys (if given proper time & support, of course).

    The ISA had a wonderfully irreverent, raucous and uncensored feel but it was also intimate. Even though the Daytime Emmys have a more staid feel, I think it should also be intimate. Now that there are only 4 Daytime Dramas left on TV, having a large affair no longer makes sense, IMO. I think they should have a staid, upscale ceremony but in an intimate location and stream it on the web, where like the ISA people can click on at a specific date time and upload the video of the ceremony.
    I have no clue how these things come together but SFN/We Love Soaps are such a passionate force for Soaps, I have no doubt the ceremony would be in good hands. But a smaller, more intimate web broadcast would be great. And even cancelled Soaps like ATWT/GL could still have honorees for Lifetime Achievement Awards. Elizabeth Hubbard, Kathryn Hays and Eileen Fulton (if she's not been given such due) are 3 people I'd like to see honored.
    Haven't a clue about the Game Shows/Children's Programming & Talk Shows/Service Shows, I admit.