NEWS ROUNDUP: Lucci Says Magic Happened At AMC; Kristian Alfonso Thinks The Carly Story Could Have Been Good; Story Left For Betty Draper

Susan Lucci: Magic Happened With ALL MY CHILDREN
"I believe that every once in a long while, some magic happens. And it's what everybody's looking for, the magic. I think it happened with ALL MY CHILDREN. I think it was embraced by the American public, across the board, across generations. People told me they came to this country not speaking English, but they watched Erica Kane to learn how. So I don't think it was the Emmy nominations that made Erica Kane an icon. I think it was [creator] Agnes Nixon's writing, and this incredible character was embraced, for whatever magical wonderful reasons, they all came together at the time they did."

Rebecca Herbst renews contract with GENERAL HOSPITAL
"I'm looking forward to what they have in store for Elizabeth."

Kristian Alfonso: The Carly story could have been interesting
"The storyline with Carly…That could have been an interesting and fascinating story with a lot of twists and turns. Unfortunately, I think it all happened so fast. There were so many things that didn’t add up as far as character-driven [storyline]. Why would all of a sudden this woman [Carly] be sleeping in not just her [Hope] house, but in her bed? Why would it not be the guest room? Or Shawn’s room? Or Ciara’s? Why would that not happen? There were too many things that were contradicting and that didn’t flow but it could have been a very interesting story."

GLEE's Cory Monteith Kisses SMASH's Megan Hilty at GLAAD Awards

EastEnders the big winner at the All About Soap Awards
Best Actress

Best Actor
HOLLYOAKS: Emmett Scanlan

Best Episode
HOLLYOAKS: Halloween Murder

Best Villain
HOLLYOAKS: Silas Blisset

Best Mystery
EMMERDALE: Who attacked Cain?

Best Dressed Soap Star

Best Comeback

Best Couple
EASTENDERS: Max and Tanya

EASTENDERS star Ricky Grover has revealed he initially turned down his role on the soap because he feared his dyslexia would make learning lines too difficult
The actor, who couldn't read or write until he was 31, told the Daily Record he almost didn't take the part as Dot Cotton's nephew Andrew.

"When I was offered EASTENDERS, I thought, 'Hold on a minute, this has all got to be word for word, and you've got to churn out script after script, and I am not going to be able to do it'. So I kept saying no," he explained.

Apple’s TV Remote of the Future? It’s Already Here, In Your Hands.
PatentlyApple has its hands on an Apple application for an “advanced TV remote” that would offer some cool features. Like the ability to automatically scan your other devices and figure out the right code to control them, instead of requiring users to use a combination of manuals and trial and error.

Ratings woes at Nickelodeon spread to MTV and Comedy Central
Nick, Viacom’s cash machine, continues to slide. The network was off 28 percent among 6-to-11-year-olds in the first quarter and 34.9 percent in the most recent week. That’s prompting industry insiders to wonder if changes in the executive lineup are ahead.

34 Hilarious WALKING DEAD Memes from Season 2
Carl! Get back in the house and laugh your sheriff hat off at these memes.

MAD MEN drinks can be reinterpreted for the 2010s

CORONATION STREET's Sue Cleaver reveals tough times ahead for Eileen Grimshaw
Eileen is currently living with her boyfriend Paul and his wife Lesley, who suffers from dementia, and she has been struggling to cope with the responsibility of caring for Lesley. After Paul refuses to consider a care home for his wife, whose condition is getting worse, Eileen loses her temper and asks him to leave.

Edgy designer Zyla wants you to get it right
This Saturday, the former ALL MY CHILDREN costume designer will share his runway expertise to dress up Pittsburgh and make it a little more chic. He's part of a fashion event at Macy's in Ross Park Mall.

Will "General Hospital" Survive ABC's Stupidity After All?
"It’s almost the end of March and so far, no closing notice for the ABC soap GENERAL HOSPITAL. It was on the docket for cancellation to make way for Katie Couric‘s talk show, which debuts September 10th. But lo and behold–ABC’s terrible decision to cancel its soaps and replace them with nattering nabobs hasn’t worked."

Soap opera writers in Philippines urged to treat child adoption properly
Social Welfare Secretary Corazon Soliman has called on scriptwriters and producers of televised soap operas in the country to portray adoption in a more positive light.

DOCTOR WHO Season 7 trailer released

AMERICAN HORROR STORY will compete in Emmys miniseries category
The network announced Friday that while the horror drama from Ryan Murphy and Brad Fulchuk can compete in the drama category, it will vie for the gold in the category that is typically populated by miniseries from the likes of HBO.

MAD MEN creator Matthew Weiner on the season 5 premiere
"There's plenty of story to tell with Betty in relation to the new Mrs. Draper. We actually shot out of order, and by the time we got there, she wasn't really available. We shot stuff with her earlier that we feathered in to other episodes. I like to dole the story out in pieces. I don't want to rush into something just to get it over with. I hate the idea of just "checking in" on everybody. I want there to be story."

FX eyes series adaptation of 'Fargo'
FX is eyeing a possible small screen adaptation of the 1996 Coen brothers' pic Fargo with MGM Television.

Charles is set to appear in at least four episodes as Damon, an extremely polished wide receiver who seeks Dr. Dani’s (Callie Thorne) help for his “imposter syndrome” — i.e., he doesn’t believe her deserves his success (a problem Smash certainly never had.)

TRUE BLOOD Season 5: Echoes Of The Past - "Sookie's House"
Catch the new season of TRUE BLOOD this summer.

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