Tuesday, March 20, 2012

NEWS ROUNDUP: Dark Shadows Character Posters, Jack Wagner DWTS, OWN Lays Off 30, DAYS on NPR

New Dark Shadows character posterss
"The posters of Barnabas Collins and co. augment the most recent batch of stills and this week's exceptionally promising trailer. Dark Shadows isn't a property immediately familiar on this side of the ditch, but all the signs are there that Burton and Johnny Depp have rebottled their Edward Scissorhands / Ed Wood lightning. The trailer's comic beats land and the design look is as lovingly outlandish as you could wish for."

DAYS OF OUR LIVES on NPR: Cheaper Clothes And Shorter Stories: On Soaps, Strange 'Days' Indeed
Ken Corday: You don't deal with politics, conservative or liberal. You don't deal with abortion, being pro or con. These are just no-no's. They're not going to get us any audience.

Marlene McPherson: We'd like to be able to start telling stories that maybe, you know, we'd do a week arc, but it only goes on for a week.

DANCING WITH THE STARS: Was it really the best season premiere ever?
THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL's Jack Wagner and Anna Trebunskaya performed the Fox Trot.

"Heartbreaker on soap operas, pop star — is there anything Jack Wagner can’t do?! Hopefully the answer isn’t ... dancing. Anyway, the rehearsal turns into a bit of a therapy session when Anna says that Jack has to stop being so hard on himself when he does something wrong. He admits that he has trouble being patient since he feels a sense of entitlement in life, but he manages to pull himself together for the rest of rehearsal."

Scores: 8, 7, 8 for a total of 23 points.

Oprah Winfrey’s OWN Cable Network Lays Off 30 People In Restructuring
The struggling OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network has laid off 30 employees or 20% of its workforce today as the network is restructuring its operations in Los Angeles and New York.

2 DESPERATE HOUSEWIVS trial jurors: Credibility was key issue
Beverly Crosby and Johnny Huynh were among the eight jurors who voted for the actress, ultimately ending in a hung jury one vote shy of a verdict for Sheridan. Speaking to throngs reporters outside the courthouse, the two said they questioned the testimony of some of those who testified for the defense.

"I wouldn't say scripted; it's more like the story didn't match," Hyunh said, responding to a reporter who asked if the defense witnesses' testimony seemed rehearsed.

Crosby said she found Sheridan to be credible, while the account the defense witnesses gave "didn't hold water for me."

THE WALKING DEAD showrunner Glen Mazzara talks finale and season 3
"In the comic, the Governor is a villain. Our Governor is also, clearly, a villain. He may not be as readily apparent as what’s in the comic book. We will certainly put our spin on that. But we have a dynamic, compelling character that we’re excited to bring into season 3. We expect to tell a story about two different groups of people: Rick’s band of survivors, and the Governor’s world of Woodbury."

Bethany Joy Lenz announces end of marriageMichael Galeotti
"As most of you know, as much as I love to share with you the magic of ordinary days, I am also very private about my personal life. In fact, the only reason I'm saying anything about this at all is because you'll all be wondering soon why everyone is calling me 'Bethany Joy Lenz' again. I'm sorry to say that Michael and I have decided to divorce. We remain friendly and dedicated to raising our beautiful girl in love and we appreciate your prayers and support during this difficult time."

Starz Renews MAGIC CITY For Season 2
The show hasn't even aired its first episode yet.


  1. I said it over a year ago when I found out the Oprah was launching her network...Oprah should have launched online! Now Larry King looks like the progressive forward thinker by teaming up with Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim to launch an online TV network. What?! Larry King? This should've been Oprah partnering with Carlos Slim. Or even partnering with Google to get her own Google Channel for OWN.
    Now she looks like she is stuck in the past, struggling in a medium which it can be argued is having problems maintaining a consistent subscriber base. More people in their 20s & 30s now watch at least part of their entertainment programming online.
    Oprah should at least consider launching a companion channel on Google so that some of her interviews can be viewed (with advertisement) after it has been viewed on her network.
    If it doesn't work out with Discovery Channel, I still say, take it online!

  2. I don't think online is the answer. I don't know about anyone else but I hate watching shows online. I am normally multitasking an using my computer while watching TV so I can't watch if I'm doing something else. The Larry King venture is in the beginning stages and hasn't proven a success. How many new channels are successes right out of the gate? I think everyone expected because it was Oprah it was be an immediate run away success.

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