Friday, February 17, 2012

Top 10 Reasons Why Indie Soap Awards Rock

by Damon L. Jacobs

Yesterday I learned some sad news suggesting that the Daytime Emmys may not be aired on television this year.  Although losing that tradition would be an institutional loss for the soap community, I find that my upset is balanced out by the excitement and anticipation of the 3rd Annual Indie Soap Awards, presented by We Love Soaps, in association with The SFN.  An entire evening of celebration from 7:00 p.m. to 2:00 a.m. in New York City on February 21st, it symbolizes the future of soaps for fans everywhere.

I'm so excited, I decided to write my own Top 10 List of reasons why the Indie Soap Awards rock!

10. The excitement of attending live awards show in New York City.  Remember when The Daytime Emmy's were held at Radio City Music Hall?  Since 2006, the soap celebrations have all been on held on the West Coast.  The Indie Soap Awards brings the celebrations back where they belong: To the heart of the Theater District of New York City.

9.  It's a hopeful, positive event for soap community.  If you follow outlets like Entertainment Weekly, you would think that soaps are as relevant as vinyl records or typewriters.  Although network television has ended taping in New York City, the Indie Soaps are proliferating monthly.  They are providing jobs and experiences for hundreds of cast and crew members every year.  The Indie Soap Awards acknowledges and rewards the shows that are keeping the heart of serialized storytelling alive and beating.

8. Surprises.  I can't tell you what they are, because then they wouldn't be surprises.  But trust me, there are some moments in this show that you will NEVER forget.

7. Reverence for the art and craft of serialized story telling.  Did you happen to catch the Emmy's in recent years?  From insulting Susan Lucci to humiliating Marie Osmond there was little time or attention paid to the actual soaps.  Every precious moment of the Indie Soap Awards is spent expressing humbled relevance for the art, the craft, and the labor that goes into creating a continuing story.  We love these shows, we love the nominees who make the shows possible, and that love is expressed throughout.  In other words, "I didn't write this crap" won't fly at this ceremony. 

6. Get in on the ground floor of new era.  Most of us weren't around when the Daytime Emmy's began to be televised in the mid 1970s.  But those who were remember those early years fondly, and how great it was to be part of a groundbreaking moment.  This year the Indie Soap Awards are breaking similar new ground, not only by holding the live ceremony at New World Stages, but by having the entire event broadcasted by The SFN.  You can be there for these embryonic moments in creative history by attending. 

5. The outfits rock. As with every award show, half the fun is seeing the outfits.  Take a look at last year's trendsetters.  As for this year's selections, you can see for yourself on Tuesday.

4. Plenty of unscripted, unplanned, real moments.  Some of the best moments are ones you just can't plan.  For example, the raw emotion expressed by a winner, and felt throughout an entire room, is best when it's spontaneous.  The Indie Soap Awards let's the winners speak, and has plenty of such moments.  To see one example from last year, watch ANACOSTIA's Anthony Anderson winning Best Lead Actor from last year's ceremony.

3. Supporting artists.  So many people put their hard work, labor, sweat, and tears into making these shows possible.  The Indie Soap Awards proudly rewards their efforts and achievements in creating excellent continuing stories that will touch our lives forever.  Unlike network television, Indie Soap audiences cannot afford to passively sit by and watch.  In order to ensure the continuation of your favorite Indie Soap, it is vitally important to find a way to support the production.  Attending the Indie Soap Awards allows you to provide financial and emotional support that will keep these wonderful shows on the air for years to come. 

2. The Networking event leads to jobs / opportunities.  The award ceremony itself is wonderful.  The open wine and beer bar networking event can be even better.  Part of attending this event includes participation in the official after party, this year at Flaming Saddles.  This is where a lot of the wheeling and dealing gets done, and many of the actors who attended last year received work this year on the shows of producers they met.  If you are interested in breaking into the Indie Soap market, there will be about three dozen shows represented.  Don't pass this opportunity up!

1. Indie Soap Awards help foster a diverse and supportive artistic community. From the beaches of Los Angeles to the city of Manhattan, from the coast of Maine, to the Anacostia suburbs of Washington DC, to the streets of Toronto, Canada, people come from all over the world to create and celebrate this unique and diverse community of artist and story tellers.  There is nothing that feels as inspiring and hopeful as being in a room filled with soap creators and actors who want nothing more than to honor and share each other's work.  I am inspired by the energy and support demonstrated in this room, and you will be too. 

Don't wait!  There are only a few days left and a few seats left to register, and we will not be able to register anyone at the door. Come join us for this historical and fun event!

Register: $69.99. Click the "Add to Cart" button below. You will be prompted for the number of people in your party and method of payment.

Media Inquiries & Press RSVP: Contact Kevin Mulcahy Jr. at [email protected].

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