NEWS ROUNDUP: Joanna Johnson Back To B&B, Super Bowl Live Stream Success, DOWNTON ABBEY Captures America

Joanna Johnson returning to THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL
Johnson is returning to the role of Karen Spencer. Karen will be bringing along a daughter the audience never knew existed (played by Linsey Godfrey).

THE TALKS Sheryl Underwood on her Feb. 10 B&B guest appearance: I watch all the soaps
"When I was on the set I got to meet my pride and joy, Eric Braeden. He took me in his arms and spoke romantic German to me. I'm, like, is anybody filming this?"

HBO Responds to Racing Show LUCK’s Real-Life Horse Fatalities
Eagle-eyed viewers may notice one detail missing from the pilot episode, as well as one additional installment: the American Humane Association’s usual seal of approval certifying that “No Animals Were Harmed” during the filming of the show. Instead, those two episodes state merely that “The American Humane Association Monitored the animal action.”

Decoding Mount McPhee: Is It a SMASH Spoiler?
Katharine McPhee (Karen, the ingĂ©nue): "Jack Davenport calls it Mount McPhee — he gave me a lot of sh-- for that. It's funny. That was the first shot we did that day. Of all the photos we took, I don't think any of us actually thought that was going to be the poster they picked. I was quite surprised. Is it a spoiler? I don't think so, but then again, I don't really know because I don't know what happens at the end of the season yet."

NBC's Super Bowl live stream a success
The number of total streams is likely to top one million.

Edmund White: Soap script writing seemed like hack work
In the '60s he was offered $100,000 a month to work as a soap opera scriptwriter and turned it down. ''I didn't want to write that much dialogue - the storyline was determined by somebody else,'' he says. ''It seemed like hack work.''

MAD MEN Gets Adbusted by a Whale
While for some the MAD MEN poster for season 5 conjures up darker memories, at least one graffiti artist had a decidedly sunnier interpretation.

Gary Fleder To Produce One BEAUTY AND THE BEAST Pilot, Direct The Other
Both The CW and ABC are working on pilots with this concept.

PAN AM: Enough with the Dead Celebrities...Let's Fly Away
Remember PAN AM?

British soap DOWNTON ABBEY captures America
"If people gathered around water coolers at work anymore, DOWNTON ABBEY would be what they would be talking about on Monday mornings."

GLAAD, Ricky Martin Protest Ex-Gay Therapies Promoted On Univision
On January 31st, Univision, the United States' largest Spanish-language TV network, aired a lengthy interview with an "ex-gay" therapist and one of his allegedly successful patients in Guadalajara, Mexico. Ricky Martin didn't like the segment so much, and neither did GLAAD. Ricky tweeted “El heterosexual nace o se hace?” -- were you born straight or not?

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