Thursday, February 23, 2012

NEWS ROUNDUP: Michael Muhney, Jonathan Jackson, Charles Shaughnessy, Claire Labine, Jess Walton

CBS Watch! Michael Muhney says "Playing Adam is like Baskin-Robbins and 31 flavors"
"11 fans who will never get over Adam and some of the things he’s done—and they’re very vocal about it,” says the married father of two. But “I think the audience is seeing his pain; he’s not just a sociopath. Sure, he uses people like human chess pieces. But I do believe he has shown remorse for some of the things he’s done.”

THE BAY's Charles Shaughnessy returning to DAYS OF OUR LIVES
Shaughnessy played ISA agent Shane Donovan from 1984 to 1992 on DAYS, reprising his role in 2002 and again in 2010 with multi-episode arcs. He's scheduled to first appear during the May 2 episode when he returns to Salem to investigate a case for the ISA.

"Soap Operas Didn't Have To Die!" says legendary writer Claire Labine
Claire Labine was honored on Sunday night at the WGA Awrds and admitted she was mourning in her speech.

"Yes, some of the shows had gotten silly.

"Yes, some of the budgets had gotten bloated.

"But there are more creative solutions than cancellation across the board!"

Labine talked about the "emotional values" soaps have provided for viewers and said they gave people human connections that were enriching and entertaining.

"I'm appalled," she concluded, "that more care was not taken with this form that I love a lot."

Jonathan Jackson cast in new NASHVILLE pilot for ABC
The ABC Studios-produced pilot is centered around the Nashville music scene and its rising and fading stars, including Avery (Jackson), a sexy bad boy musician and aspiring songwriter.

John Aniston encouraged his daughter to not become an actress
"My dad’s advice has always been: 'Don’t do it. Become a doctor. Become a lawyer.' He didn’t want me to be heartbroken because he knew it was a tough business. It compelled me to go for it even harder."

GENERAL HOSPITAL writer not giving up on show's future
GH won the Writers Guild Award for best daytime drama. After the win, one of the soap’s writers, Karen Harris, came back stage where reporters asked her about the future of the show. It is ABC’s last daytime soap. But Harris said she’s not too concerned that Katie Couric’s talk show will take over the soap’s timeslot, leading to cancelation.

"THE REVOLUTION has tanked and its our hope that Katie Couric’s show will replace it," Harris said. "I mean you hear rumors but we haven’t been canceled."

Jess Walton signs new deal with THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS
"I am indeed renewing my contract at Y and R," she posted on Facebook. "The show has been very accommodating to me during this move to Oregon and I love them for it!"

Saddest TV farewell of 2011? (video)

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