Monday, February 13, 2012

NEWS ROUNDUP: Charlene Tilton, Kelli Williams, Oprah, Dragton Abbey

CHARLENE TILTON: I Kept My Deafness A Secret Since Childhood
When she took to the ice for preliminary training for DANCING ON ICE in Los Angeles with partner Matt Gonzalez, Tilton realized she had taken on a bigger challenge than she thought. It was impossible to hide the hearing loss that she had kept secret throughout her acting career.

She explains: “As a child I had chronic ear infections. I was a bit of a sickly kid.” But her mother could not always afford to take Tilton to a doctor. “She was a single mom and it was hard. She just didn’t have the money.”

"When I worked on DALLAS I had to go to black-tie events for work and I would just smile and say ‘Yes’ to whatever anyone was saying."

Kelli Williams Upped To Series Regular On ARMY WIVES
he plays Jacqueline “Jackie” Clarke, the ambitious wife of 2-star Major General Kevin Clarke.

Less than a year after showing no interest in soaps, Oprah Winfrey Begs Public For OWN Ratings
Winfrey’s ploy backfired. People started attacking her as pathetic and desperate. (“Unethical is a little harsh, don’t you think?” Oprah bleated back…) One big problem: Nielsen makes its rated shows sign agreements that they won’t openly solicit Nielsen households. Especially during sweeps periods like now. So TV execs expect Nielsen not to issue a rating for last night’s OWN as a way of punishing Oprah going rogue. Today, Oprah apologizes.

RuPaul Stars In ‘Dragton Abbey’
“Dragton Abbey”, a skit written by THE SOUP's Matthew Carney, will be featured on the show on Wednesday.

Betty White Wins First Grammy Award at Age 90
Betty won Best Spoken Word Album for "If You Ask Me (And of Course You Won't),” beating Tina Fey for "Bossypants" and Val Kilmer & Cast for "The Mark of Zorro," among others.

THE CARRIE DIARIES: Bradshaw's first love isn't a boy...
“The focus is so much on the Carrie Bradshaw’s character and who she was at 16, 17 years old,” CW’s development head Thom Sherman tells “We weirdly compare it to Smallville because it’s an origin story — how she started writing, how she came to love Manhattan. Basically how we frame the show is: ‘Carrie at 16 found her first love and it’s not a boy — it’s Man-hattan.’ The other unique aspect is obviously the time period.”

Hallmark Considers Entering the Scripted Primetime Battle
While no decisions have been finalized, the network is at least considering adding a scripted series to the all-important 8 p.m. to 11 p.m. slot, according to a company executive. An announcement could be ready as soon as the network's upfront presentation to marketers in March.


  1. Oprah shot herself in the foot by passing on AMC and OLTL, with their built-in audiences that could have been loyal to her brand/network.

  2. I agree!! I couldnt believe she passed on them think of the millons of viewers and i say millons because they dont relize how many of us record them every day ,day in and day out for years and watch when we get home .we do work too bad it didnt happen would have been a big move on oprahs part!