Saturday, January 14, 2012

ONE LIFE TO LIVE NEWS ROUNDUP: Remembering A TV Legend (Updated Regularly)

Daytime Confidential: Ron Carlivati on wrapping ONE LIFE TO LIVE and checking into GENERAL HOSPITAL (Audio)
Carlivati visits the DC Podcast and covers a range of topics from OLTL's ending, characters he would have loved to have returned (Wanda, Karen, Carlo), the importance of using the show's history, transitioning to GH (Carlivati: "In no way is it my goal to turn GENERAL HOSPITAL into ONE LIFE TO LIVE. I couldn't do it if I tried. They are two completely different shows with their own history with their own style and that's going to stay true.") and so much more.

Washington Post: Slezak offers preview of what might have been
Had the show gone on, Erika Slezak said at THE VIEW taping, Dorian, who’d been appointed to an empty U.S. Senate seat vacated in a sexting scandal, was going to become president.

Wilkes Barre Times-Leader: Fans reminisce after a daytime classic airs a final episode, ending a more than 40-year run on ABC
Elaine Vrabel of Wilkes-Barre, who is a fan of the soap opera ONE LIFE TO LIVE, holds a photograph of actress Robin Strasser, who played Dorian Lord for several years on the show. On Friday, after 44 years, the show aired its final episode on ABC-TV.

Vrabel recalls watching the soap every day since the Agnes Flood with her husband.

Steven died on Jan. 4. Nine days later, their show aired its final episode.

“He knew ‘OLTL’ was coming to an end when he died, but he didn’t make it to see the final show,” said Vrabel. “Watching the last episode without him really reminded me that I’ve only got one life to live.”

Daily Mail (UK): Long running U.S. soap opera ONE LIFE TO LIVE bows out after a 43 year run
The show has also provided a platform for Hollywood actors including Tommy Lee Jones, Ryan Phillippe and Laurence Fishburne.

The Independent Weekly: Last exit to Llanview - Michael Malone looks back at his work on ONE LIFE TO LIVE
“I’ll always say the fiction of Llanview lasted longer than Shakespeare’s Globe. These were very long-lived shows—30 years, 40 years, GUIDING LIGHT was 70 years. That’s a lot of stability in a very fast-moving medium like television. And it taught other parts of television how to make serials.”

“It’s not that (audiences) don’t want story, it’s just that they have so many more ways to get it,” Malone says.

Boston Herald: Epic ‘One life’ draws to close
Despite drastic budget cuts in recent years, ONE LIFE remained creatively vibrant. The finale reportedly ends on cliffhangers that would tease viewers into an online show distributed by Prospect Park. The company backed out, citing costs, and ABC announced earlier this week that four core performers (Roger Howarth, Kassie DePaiva, Michael Easton and Kristen Alderson) will be reprising their roles on ABC’s remaining soap, GENERAL HOSPITAL.

Boston Herald: Erika Sleza refelcts on Viki
“She made her mark in a lot of people’s lives. That’s attested to in so much of the mail I received over the years,” Slezak told the Herald from her home in Vermont. “Viki is an awesome character. She is so many different things, but she’s such a good person. She was just a lot of fun to play. She had a real sense of right and wrong. She is just a really nice lady who got to cut loose with (her alternate personalities).”

Columbus Dispatch: As ‘One Life To Live’ becomes latest soap to die, fans lament decline of daytime TV dramas
“Doing daytime television was a great training ground and a way for actors to survive financially,” said Kevin McClatchy, an actor who appeared on ONE LIFE TO LIVE and two other soaps in the 1990s. Living in Columbus while he works toward a master’s degree from Ohio State University, the Philadelphia native said he laments the demise of soaps.

New York Daily News: Gina Tognoni, Sean Ringgold toast the end of ABC’s ONE LIFE TO LIVE
“We will definitely be with friends and raise our glasses and send it good vibes,” Tognoni says of the 2 p.m. telecast. “I’m sure I’ll get a little misty-eyed.”

Us Magazine: Stars' Soap Opera Beginnings
The beloved soap opera helped launch the careers of many young stars, including Hayden Panettiere, Marcia Cross and Laurence Fishburne.

Washington Post: ONE LIFE TO LIVE ends its 43-year run
In the penultimate episode of ONE LIFE TO LIVE, Viki gives a lovely tribute to FRATERNITY ROW, and to soap operas as a genre, noting, “When a show has been lucky enough to be on the air as long as ‘Fraternity Row’ has been on, these families become an extension of our own.”

Montreal Gazette: End of the world as One Life to Live fans know it
Over the decades, it tackled teen pregnancy, gang rape, interracial marriage, a black woman passing as white, multiple personality disorders, a gay love story – all back when such topics were taboo on TV.

Houston Chronicle: Quiz - Were you a true OLTL fan?
Before the final credits role, test your knowledge of all the lives of Llanview, Pa., with a ONE LIFE TO LIVE trivia quiz.

WHSV: One Life to Live Calling It Quits
WHSV talked to some viewers to see what they thought about the show calling it quits. Watch it below.

GOOD DAY LA: Phylicia Rashad remembers her time at ONE LIFE TO LIVE

Orlando Sentinel: This is the end, the confusing end
"That fadeout was evidently structured to help ONE LIFE make the jump online. But that deal fell through, so it was another disappointing and abrupt departure for a daytime favorite. Fans had been down this road with ALL MY CHILDREN in the fall. If you feel like crying, no one will blame you."

ABC7: Fans bid farewell to 'One Life to Live'


  1. abc sucks not even a thank you to One Life to Live for 43 years of great programming! Saveoursoaps fans mad and not going to take it, bye ABC after GH your toast!

  2. ABC Killed ABC Daytime. We won't forget OLTL. If the PP deal didn't fell through, we would have hope. But we're asking ABCD to relinguish the rights for our soaps and give them back to Agnes, or give it to NBC. We only watch GH until that's gone. Unless ABCD changes its mind and do what's right.

  3. ABCD relinguish the rights of AMC and OLTL back to Agnes Nixon. Or give them to NBC. You have so lost the viewers after this terrible mistake you have done. Fix it!!

  4. We Northwest Illinois Citizens Will Love & Remember You Forever, OLTL. You'll Stay Forever In Our Hearts!

    Brian :-)

  5. I agree with everyone. Good by ABC, you just screwed yourself!!!! Who the heck cares about the stupid talk shows you have on. I for one will only be tuning in to watch GH, and once it's gone then I am too!!!!

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