Thursday, January 19, 2012

SURVEY RESULTS: Viewers Speak Out on ONE LIFE TO LIVE's Last Episode--Favorite Moment & Quote, Fans Mostly Satisfied

After Friday's ONE LIFE TO LIVE finale, We Love Soaps asked our readers to weigh in on the last episode. What were the best moments or quotes? How satisfied were fans with the way the soap ended? And, knowing a web version was on the way at the time the finale was taped, would this ending had made them more likely to watch OLTL 2.0?

Check out the results of our survey below:

1. What was your favorite moment or scene from the finale?

We received a lot of various answers to this one including some moments that happened prior to Friday's episode. Fans saw the last several weeks as one big finale. In terms of the final episode itself, seeing Victor Jr. (Trevor St. John) at the very end was a favorite of many receiving the most votes. Other people loved the naming of baby Drew, Jessica learning she was Clint's biological daughter (and Natalie's sister), Clint's proposal, Bo and Nora's last scene together, and Todd and Blair making love.

2. What was your favorite line from the finale?
"I love you, Red!" the line Bo said to Nora near the end of Friday's episode was the favorite line of our readers. Other lines receiving a number of votes were:

"Things are rarely what they appear." - Allison
"Blair, I do stupid things every day." - Todd (to Blair)
"It's always been you and me, Blair." - Todd (to Blair)
"Whatever the test results say, you were and always will be my daughter. But it's awfully nice to know that its official." - Clint (to Jessica)

3. How would this ending have influenced your likelihood of watching the new suspended web version of ONE LIFE TO LIVE?

When the finale was shot, ONE LIFE TO LIVE was expected to move onto the web and continue on Prospect Park's The Online Network. 52% of our readers said they were more likely to watch the web version as a result of the how the daytime version ended. 42.8% said they had already decided one way or another to watch or not watch. Only 1.7% said they would have been less likely to watch. 3.5% said they did not realize there was even going to be a web version.

4. How satisfied are you, overall, with the final episode of ONE LIFE TO LIVE?

Over 70% of ONE LIFE TO LIVE fans said were at least not dissatisfied with the finale. This number was at 54% for ALL MY CHILDREN fans in September. Over 55% said that were satisfied or very satisfied. 28.9% were dissatisfied in some way by the finale (37.6% for ALL MY CHILDREN).

Thanks for taking the survey!

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