Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Jon Lindstrom: His World Has Turned...to Film!

Jon Lindstrom: His World Has Turned...to Film!
By Nelson Aspen

Last seen as Craig Montgomery on AS THE WORLD TURNS, Jon Lindstrom can now be back on your TV screens with the DVD release of his well reviewed Indie film WHAT HAPPENS NEXT. The romantic comedy co-stars Wendie Malick (JUST SHOOT ME, HOT IN CLEVELAND) and Megan Hilty (SMASH, Broadway's "WICKED") and explores "what happens next" when two gay men from two different worlds find themselves on the same park bench. Jon's character is a bored billionaire who develops a "confusing, romantic and hilarious" relationship with a guy named Andy Chance (newcomer Chris Murrah). It's a new side of the soap vet (he is well remembered for playing Kevin Collins/Ryan Chamberlain on GENERAL HOSPITAL and PORT CHARLES) and shows a wide range of his talents.

On working with Malick, who plays his sister, Elise, Jon tells me: "Wendie was like going to comedy school. A real brassy dame and a joy to work with. Hardest thing for me was to be the 'straight' man (pun intended) surrounded by loony characters. Its style is like a throwback to those Doris Day/Rock Hudson romantic comedies. Director Jay Arnold was very clear about the feel he wanted for the movie and we all concentrated on that."

His real life partner is Daytime darling Cady McClain (ALL MY CHILDREN, AS THE WORLD TURNS), but playing a gay character in a film that was so lovingly embraced by LGBT audiences, I asked him to weigh in on the subject of gay marriage. "I believe that as long as anyone is legislated from enjoying the full rights of the rest of population then some people are more 'equal' than others, and that is about as un-American as it gets. And I will do everything I can to change it."

Someone with Jon's tenure in Soaps led me to ask, "Do you see serial fiction storytelling coming back to Daytime at any point or has that ship sailed?" He replied, "Absolutely, but likely in a half hour format, with no big budgets or grandiose location shoots, and probably on subscription cable channels. But I think there's a real need for them."

Meantime, he and I are well underway on plans to produce a new film...an erotic thriller inspired by actual events. I can testify that working "off camera" with this smart and interesting fellow is just as enjoyable as watching his wonderful work "on screen!" Stay tuned...

WHAT HAPPENS NEXT, with bonus features, is available on DVD for $24.95 SRP. It can be purchased from retailers nationwide or ordered by calling 1-800-GET-WOLFE or online at www.wolfevideo.com It can also be rented or downloaded on multiple Internet, VOD and broadcast platforms. Eagle eyed soap fans will also notice Natalia Cigliluti (ex-Anita Santos, AMC) in the supporting role of "Roz."

International entertainment journalist NELSON ASPEN got his start in Daytime TV and still keeps tabs on all things soaps! The author of several books, including DINNER AT NELSON'S and HOLLYWOOD INSIDER: EXPOSED!, he broadcasts the latest showbiz news and celebrity interviews around the world daily. You may visit him at www.nelsonaspen.com


  1. Super-cool interview with Jon. Thanks, Nelson!

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  3. I worked with Jon on a night time soap show called "Rituals" and he was a dear. I loved the article and the way it was written. I've retired to fiji and I built a house on the beach. Now I'm backand forth because I love the business so much. I'm doing a web series called" Broken At Love" Karolina Sivas it the writer /producer/director/ star and it is a trip. I love her the death. She is teaching me everything.